Are women really interested in penis size?

Study: Researchers are certain that size matters when it comes to the penis

Does the male member's size matter - or not? In the eternal controversy surrounding the importance of penis size for the sexual attractiveness of men, scientists have now come up with solid arguments. The result of their study, which was published on Monday in the US science magazine "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", can be summarized briefly: Women find men with larger limbs more appealing.

Penis size "a sensitive issue"

"Since penis size is a sensitive issue, it is difficult to determine whether women are telling the truth or lying in their pockets when asked," said Brian Mautz, director of the study, of the University of Ottawa in Canada. It is not for nothing that earlier studies have produced contradicting results.

To solve the problem, his international team of researchers presented 105 Australian women with 53 life-size computer-generated images of imaginary men. All of them were of different sizes, of different shapes and all of them had different penises - when they were flaccid.

Study: Women had to rate pictures

The women, on average 26 years old, who were not informed about the purpose of the study, were able to view the images from different angles and evaluate them anonymously. In fact, the all heterosexual test subjects not only looked at each other longer, but also rated them as sexually more attractive. The results would "directly contradict claims that penis size is not an issue for most women," the study authors concluded in their paper.

The researchers put forward a second thesis that could corroborate their results: According to this, evolution may have caused men to gradually develop larger and larger genitals. The natural selection of sexual partners is responsible for this, because prehistoric women had an almost free view of their scantily clad conspecifics - and their more or less impressive mating tools were shown directly in front of their eyes.

The bigger it is, the more attractive it is to women

There is only one point where the controversy remains clear even after the study: How big the ideal penis should be remained open. Even with the largest specimens, the attractiveness values ​​continued to rise. The researchers were therefore unable to determine the end of the flagpole. afp