What are the cost of living for students in Switzerland

Cost of living

The Swiss currency is the Swiss franc (CHF): 1 franc = 100 cents.

1 franc = approx. 0.89 euros and 1 euro = approx. 1.14 francs (as of July 2019, PostFinance currency converter).

The cost of living in Switzerland and especially in Zurich is relatively high in an international comparison and is at least 1500 francs (approx. 1300 euros) per month, depending on individual needs and activities.

To estimate the monthly expenses to be expected, here is an approximate price overview:

Livingfrom 500 / PH accommodation from 575
Food (including cafeteria)460
Transport (tram, bus)100 to 170
Study materials50
Total about1500 to 1800

Individual expenses for clothes, leisure time, travel, telephone or medical expenses etc. are not taken into account. Cultural events and restaurants are expensive. It is cheaper to eat in the cafeteria, shop in the supermarket and cook yourself. The tap water in Zurich is of excellent quality and can be drunk anywhere without hesitation.


The opportunities to pursue paid part-time employment while studying in Zurich are subject to strict conditions. Approval is required for every job.

The employment agency of the Central Office for Student Union of the University of Zurich is located at Rämistrasse 62, open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.