Is the school near your home?

Legal question of the day:

We are moving to another part of the city soon. Our son goes to elementary school. Actually, he would like to continue going to his current school. Does he have to switch to school in our new part of town?


As always in the area of School law there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Since school law is a matter for the federal states, different regulations may apply in the respective federal states. In most federal states, the general rule is that the place of residence decides which school Your child at least goes to elementary school.

School authorities and school authorities or the city and municipality determine school districts. The School districts are assigned address rangesso that there are clear rules as to which school your child goes to. Namely, to the school in the school district in which you live. Often there are also school border districts or areas of overlap. There are several schools available there, to which the children of the districts are distributed depending on capacity.

If your new apartment is in the same school district as before, all you need to do is give your son's school your new address. Otherwise nothing changes. If, on the other hand, you change school district when you move, your child actually has to do that too change school. To do this, you have to register it with the new school. Don't forget to de-register your child from the old school. A change of school does not always have to be mandatory.

There is also the possibility that your child will continue to attend their old school. In order to achieve this, you have to submit an application, which the education authority decides on. The application procedures can be quite different in the various federal states. However, the prerequisite is generally that you have an important reason for the whereabouts of your child can present. In addition, the school must have sufficient capacity.

Incidentally, your child's wish to stay with their old classmates is usually not enough as an important reason. If, on the other hand, your child is dependent on inclusion and the new school, unlike the old one, does not offer this, the chances are better.

In some federal states, for example, you have better cards to leave your child at the previous school if they are already in the third or fourth grade. Since the procedures are very different overall, you should consider yourself inform carefully.

Perhaps you speak to the class teacher and the school management. They can provide you with support for your application. You should also ask the education authority.

By the way: For secondary schools i. d. Usually no school districts are defined. Even after moving house, your child can usually be his Go to the previous school. If that is what it wants and if the way to school is manageable.