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Google Play Gift Card: where to buy it

Last updated September 3, 2018

Anyone who owns a smartphone today cannot avoid the respective “app stores” of the major providers. The market leader here is Google (Android), which together with Apple (iOS) has a mammoth share of the smartphone market. Both operating systems have their own app stores: Google has the “Google Play Store” and Apple has the “App Store”. As with the Apple App Store, you can also buy apps and spend money on Android in the “Google Play Store”. You can do this either online, where the money is withdrawn from the account, or with a credit that can be topped up beforehand. You can do this online or with the help of a Google Play prepaid cards.

These vouchers or prepaid cards, which are often also called gift cards, have the advantage that you do not have to enter any data, but with the help of a code that Google account simply charges with a sum. The Google prepaid card is also practical a great gift idea is. Because you can not only buy apps or goodies within the apps in the Google Play Store, but also do a variety of other things with them. In addition to apps and games, there is also music, films, series, books (ebooks) and the option of taking out a Google Play music subscription.

Current offers from Google

Where can I buy the Google Play card everywhere?

The Google Play card can really be bought almost everywhere. The list of shops and places where you can buy them leaves little to be desired. In addition to discounters such as Lidl, Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord or Penny, the prepaid cards are also available at supermarkets such as Kaufland, REWE or EDEKA. Another large group are the petrol stations: the card is available from Aral, Shell or JET, among others. In addition, you can buy them at many kiosks and bookstores, which are, for example, in many train stations. The Google Play card is also available from electronics retailers, cell phone shops and drug stores. And thus practically everywhere!

All shops where you can buy the Google Play card:

  • REWE
  • Kaufland
  • Netto Marken-Discount
  • penny
  • Media Max
  • famila
  • Combi
  • Jibi market
  • Aral gas station
  • Rossmann
  • Shell gas station
  • Lidl
  • dm
  • Aldi south
  • Aldi north
  • Karstadt
  • Total gas station
  • Esseo gas station
  • Media Markt
  • Müller drugstore
  • OMV petrol station
  • Jet gas station
  • real,-
  • West Lotto
  • Saturn
  • Conrad
  • mobilcome debitel
  • Euronics
  • good ...
  • GameStop
  • globe
  • Norma
  • Various kiosks such as Avec, Press & Books, Presse + Buch
  • DB ServiceStore
  • U store
  • Cigo
  • Lotto shops
  • HIT
  • Telecom stores
  • Postbank
  • vodafone
  • Budni
  • Wasgau
  • V market
  • toysRus
  • expert
  • Grave accent
  • EP: ElectronicPartner

Find current offers from Google!

The Google Play prepaid card is available with a value of € 15, € 25, € 50 and € 100.

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