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Top magazine The lifestyle magazine for Germany

Top magazine ■ Germany's leading lifestyle magazine

"Unique" is exactly what it is. A market presence of over 39 years, currently 33 regional issues at home and abroad and a total circulation of around 400,000 copies per quarter make Top Magazin the leading lifestyle magazine in Germany. Top Magazin is an optical, haptic and sensual pleasure that offers us a break from everyday digital life. Conceived for everyone who appreciates a successful mixture of exclusivity and regional down-to-earthness. We portray well-known personalities and interesting companies in high-quality form, provide a wide range of topics and useful information, report on the beautiful things in life and the latest in the areas of: Leisure & Events, Fashion & Beauty, Gastronomy & Enjoyment, Travel & Sport, Health Wellness, jewelry & watches, art & culture, technology & living, lifestyle & interior, economy & people etc.

Top magazine ■ Precisely for your region and city

The regional focus in particular - with over 95 percent regional share - makes the quarterly title an ideal medium for precise advertising. Regardless of whether in individual cities, combined bookings or in ten German metropolises (top ten combination) - we develop a tailor-made offer for each advertising partner. Three months of advertising impact with each issue provide our advertising customers with an excellent price-performance ratio for a presentation in an exclusive design. Depending on the region, target group, purchasing power and competitors, the print runs are up to 25,000 copies.

In addition to the selected magazine trade, Top Magazin achieves a high reach in the upscale target group through its selective distribution. Opinion makers and "multipliers" are particularly addressed via reading groups, subscriptions, VIP mailings, etc. You, dear readers, are sure to find us at numerous hot spots in the city. And should we be out of stock, we will certainly have a copy ready for you in the local publishers.

Top magazine ■ Exclusive events for customers and business partners

Last but not least, Top Magazin organizes exclusive events for its customers and business partners to which personalities such as committed entrepreneurs or decision-makers from politics, business, culture, society and sport are invited. These premium events are ideal platforms for "networking" in a sophisticated atmosphere and in unusual locations. This is the best opportunity to make new contacts, strengthen existing business relationships or exchange productive ideas.

We bring people together through our valuable top networks, support them in the implementation of projects, promote trusting cooperation and serve as a platform for information and inspiration. True to the principle: "Nothing moves people more than other people." Whether it's a top lounge, VIP party, opera ball, cooking event, golf tournament or cocktail course - Top Magazin stands for top events at the highest level!

We also invite you to become an avid reader. We are always open to suggestions, because only "communication is the basis of success"!