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The salary as a masseur and medical lifeguard

Training as a masseur and medical lifeguard

The masseur and medical lifeguard training course is a school-based training course. During this time there is no training allowance for the trainees, unless in the form of student loans, if the eligibility requirements match.

Similar courses are those of the physiotherapist or health and nurse. Even trained nannies or geriatric carers often practice the same profession later.

The internship salary

The actual training course in masseur and medical pool attendant is followed by an internship, which is usually paid for. In the public sector, the remuneration is around 1,400 euros.

What does a masseur and medical lifeguard do?

As the name suggests, the professional profile of the masseur and medical lifeguard includes, of course, various massage techniques, but also lymphatic drainage, the use of fango packs, medical baths, other physical treatment methods, acupuncture, inhalations and much more to treat illnesses and various other ailments alleviate.

Salary after training as a masseur and medical lifeguard

In the free economy, the pay in this profession is subject to great fluctuations and, with bad luck, can be far below that in the public service. In the public sector, salaries range between 1,800 and 2,300 euros.

A masseur and medical lifeguard also has the opportunity to become self-employed and will then usually be able to earn around 35 euros per hour, but is then also subject to the entrepreneurial risk.

Listing salary masseur and medical lifeguard

  • You may be entitled to student loans during your training
  • In the internship up to 1,400 euros
  • Trained in the public sector between 1,800 and 2,300 euros
  • Often less trained in the private sector than in the public service
  • Independently around 35 euros an hour

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