The use of antibiotics can lead to food sensitivities

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If the problem is food sensitivity, the answer may be gut bacteria
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The link between food sensitivity and gut bacteria.
In your intestines there is an ecosystem that is made up of microorganisms. Ever since your birth, this ecosystem has been growing, evolving, and differing with you. These microorganisms determine how foods are digested and how they affect your body.

Gut bacteria can worsen over time due to a variety of factors, such as your diet, medication, and stress. All of this can lead to food sensitivity.
Balance your intestinal bacteria with ENBIOSIS.
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Discover your intestinal values ​​and score with the ENBIOSIS microbiome analysis.
  • You can use the autoimmunity index to determine your potential risk of autoimmune diseases.
Discover your intestinal values ​​and score with the ENBIOSIS microbiome analysis.
With the Gluten Sensitivity Score you can find out how sensitive your body is to gluten.
You can use the autoimmunity index to determine your potential risk of autoimmune diseases.
Probiotic microorganisms
Prebiotic Score allows you to determine the amount of this group of bacteria in your microbiome and whether you have enough of it.
With the Gut Motility Score you can determine the possible effects of your microbiome on intestinal motility.
With the Sleep Quality Score you can find out whether your microbiome is good enough for a healthy sleep.
With the lactose intolerance score you can find out from your microbiome whether you are lactose intolerant.
The Antibiotic Damage Score can help you determine the damage caused to your microbiome by taking antibiotics.
With the vitamin synthesis score you can determine the status of the bacteria that are responsible for vitamin synthesis.
Harm from Artificial Sweeteners
The Artificial Sweetener Score can help you find out how badly your microbiome is affected by artificial sweetener consumption.
It's a measure of how much your sugar consumption changes your microbiome.
Get to know your nutrients with "Personalized Health"that need gut bacteria.
With the microbiome analysis you can determine the current condition of the intestinal bacteria and then plan your diet by getting a nutritional score created just for you.

How does it work ?

  • To order

    You can order at, register on the website with the code in the microbiome kit that was sent to your home and fill in the survey questions.

  • The stool removal

    Simply follow the steps in the instructions in the microbiome kit and take your stool sample for your microbiome analysis, then send your stool sample free of charge to the address in your kit.

  • Laboratory process

    The genome of the intestinal bacteria is analyzed by the sample and the nutrients required by the intestinal bacteria are determined using our artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Results

    After your reports have been checked by our experts, they will be sent to you. Your results will be interpreted by ENBIOSIS dietitians and, depending on the selection of your package (with / or without nutritionist), your new nutrition plan will be created.

With ENBIOSIS you can start your process by choosing the most suitable package that will help you with your personalized health journey.

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