When do soldiers take cover?

The DBwV: Effect before cover!

We have to keep an eye on all of this, we have to take care of it. And that is what we do as a professional association with a social power that is unparalleled within the Bundeswehr - over 205,000 members, soldiers as well as civilian employees. Through regular discussions with politicians, through competent confidants and staff councils at all levels, through an intensive comparison with civil and military executives. Corona or not, the DBwV has never lost sight of its essential tasks.

We mandate holders and full-time employees are still on the move. We exchange ideas with the membership, at the grassroots level as in the BMVg, provide information about our work, formulate demands or statements on current legislative projects and offer excellent service and legal advice from the federal office. Only in the past few days did many federal board members meet again for an exchange in Berlin, as did the members of the company management with the state chairmen and deputy state managing directors. Meetings of the state boards will follow in the next few weeks.

Even if the current framework conditions are not easy, we will find ways in which we can continue to develop the association work - also in different ways, regardless of the camaraderie, regardless of the level. We always have the concerns of our members in mind.

We do the things that have to be done, do not shy away from any challenge and of course pay attention to the currently necessary provisions to protect our members as well as our employees. We know that, especially in times of crisis, everyone recognizes who is always well considered and tirelessly representing the interests of their members. Always true to the old principle: Effect comes before cover! In any case, I am proud that even in these times, no matter what level, no matter what status, we are making an impact - that's how it should be.

Stay healthy!

André Wüstner