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Selling jewelry: 6 tips for appraising it

Selling jewelry: 6 tips for appraising it

Selling jewelry can be tricky. Valuable pieces can be got rid of quickly. Getting a good price for the piece of jewelry turns out to be more difficult. The price depends on many different factors and is not that easy to determine. We'll tell you how you can find out which price is appropriate for your jewelry and on which portals you can achieve a reasonable sales price.

Used jewelry as an (unknown) investment

Used jewelry as an (unknown) investment

Old family heirlooms or accidental flea market purchases - valuable jewelry does not have to come into the possession of a person. The greater the surprise when you find out the value of the piece. There are many reasons to sell the piece of jewelry, for example if you want to use the money to fulfill a long-cherished wish. In some cases the jewelry does not suit your taste or it has simply gone out of style. Someone else may appreciate the piece of jewelry better and be willing to pay a reasonable price.

Jewelry lovers are not uncommon. They appreciate the handicrafts and are fascinated by the beauty of the object. Here the piece of jewelry can sometimes even be used again as body jewelry. However, it is often difficult to find a suitable platform on which to sell your jewelry to these people. Many traders are only interested in the gold value of the object and the processing of the material. They don't pay for the beauty of the jewelry. They too want to resell the piece and of course make a profit.

A piece of jewelry can be a good investment. Depending on how many carats the piece has, whether diamonds and precious stones are processed, the jewelry can be worth a lot. Some people therefore keep their high-quality jewelry in a safe so that the piece bears as few signs of use as possible.

Selling jewelry: These factors determine the value

Selling jewelry: These factors determine the value

Jewelery as a family heirloom is found in many families. That could be the engagement ring of the great-grandmother or the pocket watch of the grandfather. The individual pieces are passed on to each generation. There they are usually guarded as small treasures and can provide financial security in times of need. Once you have decided to sell the piece, the next step is to determine the appropriate price.

You have to pay attention to various factors. It depends less on the type of jewelry, i.e. whether it is earrings, bracelets, chains, watches or rings, but more on the materials and the workmanship. To get an accurate and correct result, it is best to have the piece examined by an expert. He is familiar with the materials, the handicrafts and the current prices and can best test the value of the jewelry. If you don't want to rely on someone else's opinion alone, you can use a few factors to make a rough estimate.

Condition of the item of jewelery

Of course, the condition of the piece of jewelery is important. Before examining it, you should thoroughly clean the piece, especially if it has been worn many times in the past. Signs of use are unavoidable if worn frequently. These don't necessarily have to be flaws in the material. Over time, the metal can tarnish and become contaminated with deposits. If the jewelry lies directly on the skin, flakes of skin and fats can clog the material.

However, you can use simple tricks to improve the condition of the piece. If it is pure gold jewelry, there are many ways to clean the jewelry. For example, you can mix lukewarm water with a splash of washing-up liquid and clean the jewelry with a soft cloth. However, if the piece is adorned with pearls, gemstones, and diamonds, you need to be a little more careful, as heavy cleaning could damage the decorations. This is why you should remove such pieces before showering. You can only clean the jewelry with lukewarm water. If you want to be sure that the jewelry is not damaged, you can contact a jeweler. He can polish the jewelry professionally.

Certificate of Authenticity

Many retailers pay more if you can show a certificate of authenticity. If you want to buy new, high-quality pieces of jewelry, you should get such a certificate. Here you should watch out for fraudsters. Laypeople cannot distinguish real certificates from fakes. Experts, on the other hand, see the difference immediately. Sometimes information can be missing or completely wrong.

A certificate of authenticity should first state the type of jewelry. The material and its fineness should also be recorded. If the piece contains diamonds or stones, their weight should be noted. Mention should be made of the number of stones, their purity and color, as well as their cut. Finally, of course, the date, a stamp and the signature should not be missing. This information also makes it easier for you to estimate the value of the piece.

Purchase invoices

When buying jewelry, you should always keep the invoice. This is an important proof of the price and can possibly replace a certificate of authenticity if the type and material are noted. If an invoice is also included with your piece of jewelry, you already have a fixed price that indicates how much your piece of jewelry is worth. If your object is also in good condition and has hardly any signs of use, you can ask for a similar price.


Hallmark on silver bars

If the certificate of authenticity does not contain any information on the fineness of the piece of jewelery, you can examine it for a hallmark. This shows a certain combination of numbers that indicates the gold or silver content. The most common marks for jewelry gold are 333, 585, 750. If you divide the number of marks by 10, you get the percentage of gold content. So that would be 33.3 percent, 58.5 percent and 75 percent. The remaining percent is composed of silver, copper or nickel. This is how white gold, yellow gold or red gold is created. If the gold content is 99.9 percent, it is called fine gold.

On old jewelry, instead of a combination of numbers, there can also be a combination of numbers and letters. In order to be able to calculate the gold content better, you should use the pure number combinations. The old hallmarks say the following about the gold content:

8K = 333 = 33.3 percent
9K = 375 = 37.5 percent
14K = 585 = 58.5 percent
18K = 750 = 75 percent
22K = 916 = 91.6 percent

You can also use the hallmark to determine the estimated price of the entire piece of jewelry. To do this, you have to weigh your gold jewelry. This works best with a digital kitchen scale. Dealers often have high-precision trolleys that can weigh the weight of the piece to within a hundredth. Another important piece of information for calculating the estimated price is the current gold price. When you have determined this, you enter the values ​​in the following formula:

Weight in grams x hallmark / 1000 x current gold price per gram = purchase value

So if the piece of jewelry weighs 15 grams, the gold price is 35 euros per gram and the engraving denotes the number sequence 333, the formula would look like this:

15 x 333/1000 x 35 = purchase value

The purchase value would therefore be 174.83 euros. However, the formula only works for gold jewelry without decorations. If the gold is set with precious stones and diamonds, the result will be falsified. The value of gemstones and diamonds is composed differently than that of gold. In addition, factors such as the condition of the object and the presence of a certificate of authenticity or an invoice play a role in the price of the piece of jewelry.

Gold price

When determining the value of high-quality jewelry, you usually cannot avoid researching the gold price. This forms on the stock exchange and therefore fluctuates constantly. So if you want to sell gold jewelry, you should hope that the gold price is currently high. If this is currently in a low, it is worth waiting a little longer before selling. You can find out about the current gold price, for example, online or in relevant business magazines.

Worth of stones, pearls and diamonds

In addition to the gold content and price, decorations such as pearls, diamonds and precious stones also play a role in determining the value. Diamonds are rated according to the 4C system, which is made up of the following factors:

  • Cut
  • Carat (weight)
  • Color
  • Clarity

In addition, it is often important for the retailer to know whether the piece of jewelery is a natural diamond or whether it has been treated. With other gemstones, purity plays a less important role. Small bumps make the stone something special. However, there are a few factors that need to be checked to distinguish a real stone from an imitation.

  • hardness: The hardness of a stone is tested with a scratch test. Talc is the softest mineral that can even be scraped off with a fingernail. The diamond, on the other hand, is the hardest mineral.
  • Weight: Like diamonds, the weight of colored gemstones is given in carats.
  • Crystal system: The crystal structure or the shape of the crystal is named here.
  • Refractive index: The refractive index deals with the way the light is refracted in the stone. This is how the brilliance of the stone is measured.

Pearls are also more or less valuable. The most important thing here is the shape and quality of the mother-of-pearl. Since round pearls are naturally the least common, they are the most valuable. If the mother-of-pearl is also shiny and strong, so that the core of the pearl is hidden, this increases the value of the piece of jewelry even more.

Sell ​​jewelry at online auction houses

Jewelery auction at Catawiki

There are many different ways you can sell your jewelry. In addition to jewelers, auction houses also look forward to unique pieces of jewelery. There are also numerous online auction houses where you can sell and buy jewelry. The best known is probably the platform ebay. With professional pictures and a serious description you can get rid of your jewelry here too. ebay has a large customer base, but the competition is also fierce. This depresses the price and can sometimes mean that you sell your piece of jewelry below value.

You have a higher chance of success with the specialized online auction house Catawiki. This platform is especially recommended for passionate collectors. In addition to high-quality jewelry, there is art, postage stamps, coins, antiquarian books and more to buy and sell. The auctions take place with the help of experts. So you can be sure of the high quality of the product. More than 14 million collecting enthusiasts visit the site every month. Every week around 300 auctions take place under expert supervision. This ensures a fair deal for sellers and buyers.

You can register for free and offer your jewelry. Before the auction, your jewelry and descriptions will be checked by experts. If your products are of good quality, they will be put up for auction. Collectors from all over the world can bid on your jewelry. As the auction takes place online, there are no spatial restrictions. So more people can place a bid. The chance of a worthwhile sale increases.

To Catawiki

tip: If you are unsure whether you want to auction your jewelry on Catawiki, you can first observe other auctions. This will give you confidence in using the platform.

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