Where can I find modest clothes

How do you find women who dress modestly?

I dress very veiled because of Christianity.

It has less to do with Christianity than you think. In the tropical jungle, clothing is simply unhygienic, and the peoples there wear correspondingly little - even if they have become Christians.

Christians should decent dress - what is "decent" is cultural conditionally, there are no scriptures that state that. When the first tourists came to East Africa, they marveled at the women who were walking around with bare chests, the Africans stared at the tourists who appeared in public with bare lower legs. both sides felt that their wives were dressed more decently than the other ...

In a "multicultural" society it is not easy to decide what "decently dressed" means, precisely because "one" thinks differently about it. Russian Germans brought different standards with them from Russia than Muslims from Turkey, and "old Germans" have other habits, and so on.

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable (and not "half-naked") and in such a way that others don't speak badly about your Christian faith because of it.

Modest I would call it if you forego flashy jewelry and clothing. For example, you don't wear expensive branded clothes - they are usually no more than good no-name clothes (most of the money is spent on branded clothes for advertising, so that young people continue to fall for the "trend").

And don't put make-up on me

The days when only "professional sex workers" put on make-up are long gone. Especially since there are also lipsticks and make-up in "subtle" colors.

A young, beautiful face does not turn off. Perhaps less provocative than "war paint" with which men are to be conquered. But how exactly something works also varies from person to person. Besides, I'm probably too old to be able to have a competent say. ;)

Also think about who you want to work on. If you come from a community that is very conservative on dress issues, you could also scare off young men in such circles with too provocative clothes ...