How many trees have you planted?

How many trees does it take to produce a ton of CO2 to tie?

Dr. Daniel Klein (Forest Center of the University of Münster): "How fast or how much CO2 a tree binds depends on many Factors from. This includes the Tree species, the Age of the tree, whose Wood density or Growth rate. But also external factors like that climate, the Soil quality or the Water supply play a crucial role. That is why it is difficult to make generally valid statements on this question.

To get a rough idea of ​​the CO2-Getting binding capacity from trees this helps example:

Imagine a normally grown beech (grown in the stand) that is 23 meters high and has a diameter of about 30 centimeters at a trunk height of 1.30 meters. This tree stores around 550 kilograms of dry matter in its leaves, branches and trunk. If one also estimates about ten percent that is stored in the root biomass, then a total of about 600 kilograms of dry matter bound. That amount of dry matter can produce a ton of CO2 tie. The weight of the dry matter is therefore less than the bound amount of CO2because during photosynthesis, oxygen is also given off.

Around a ton of CO2 the beech tree has to be able to accommodate 80 years to grow. This means: The beech binds 12.5 kilograms of CO per year2. So you would have to80 trees plants, by one tonne of CO annually2through trees again to compensate. It should be noted that trees tend to have low biomass reserves in the first few years after planting. Only with increasing age does CO increase2 bound."

Expert answer from June 25, 2009.