An eye primer is necessary

What is an eye primer? Eyelid Primer: Do You Need It? Three-way primer selection

Greetings, dear readers!

As representatives of the fair sex, we actively use decorative cosmetics. Such products do not always turn out qualityespecially for the cheap price segment.

Sometimes it happens that after setting up a morning marafet we look like world class stars for the first 2 hours and after the specified time there is no trace of the former beauty left.

To counteract these consequences, various cosmetic brands began making makeup bases. Since I've talked about this in previous articles, now let's focus on the base for the eyelids. The eyeshadow primer is a must have for the modern generation of girls and women.

Next I will tell you more about what the product looks like, how it should be selected and applied, and you will also learn more about its properties and functions and even alternative options. If you are new to eyeshadow, makeup based on it is a lot easier.

For ease of understanding, I'll use the entire article 3 tracks of the same product because you can find different names of it for sale:

  1. base;
  2. primer;
  3. the basis.

This cosmetic product fulfills two important requirements functionthat usually have priority when purchasing this product:

  • extends the durability of eye make-up;
  • improves the brightness of the eyeshadow pigment.

I think anyone who uses shadows wants them to last as long as possible, and the base really does that with a bang. As a great lover of eye makeup and the owner of oily skin on the eyelids, I always had to correct the shadows, as they were constantly clogged in the crease of the eyelid.

Because of this, I was looking for a solution to this problem. And the foundation for the eyelids suddenly turned out to be real to me discovery and redemption... Now I very rarely leave the house without it, because even without a shadow my eyelids look very well-groomed, as if I had just washed my face.

To choose a primer for yourself in the shade, you need to pay attention to its consistency:

  1. liquid - usually translucent, suitable for young skin, can contain nourishing ingredients, does not dry out delicate skin and does not make it greasy at the same time;
  2. gel - Ideal for oily skin of the eyelids, but at the same time it can be slightly dry, it is best used in summer;
  3. creamy - usually contains body pigments, therefore masks minor imperfections such as dark spots, freckles, redness.

Very often you can find foundations in the shade, made in round glasses, tubes or similar to lip gloss... After trying many primers, I came to the conclusion that this is the last brush option that is best applied. With this use, the skin of the eyelids is not stretched at all.

An overview of the positive properties of an eyelid primer

In my humble opinion, the eyelid base is useful for any girl no matter how old she is. Why do i think so? Because the eyelid primer has bulk advantages:

  • If you use an eyeliner or mascara, the base perfectly smooths the skin of the eyelids, most importantly - they do not shine, especially in hot weather;
  • The base makes even the cheapest and inferior shadows much lighter and more intense, they stop crumbling, they are shaded much more easily;
  • Having a good foundation will help keep your look looking fresher and more rested, as if you were using it.
  • A high quality base can extend the shelf life of the shadows until the evening. The makeup itself looks like you've just put it on.
  • The foundation can even help smooth out wrinkles on the eyelids, smooth the skin well and make it more even, and therefore the shadows form much better.
  • The foundation is an indispensable thing for anyone who has oily skin on the eyelids. Basically, any of its textures will help solve this problem.
  • Protect the skin from inferior shadows as they may contain harmful ingredients. However, you should think about purchasing a good base for your eyelids.

If you've never tried it before, make sure to buy this tool because difference with and without him is very tangible. Just try to choose softer consistencies that will spread easily on the skin. For example, the texture of Vivenne Sabo's primer is very thick, rolls down on the eyelids and stretches the skin when applied.

How do I properly apply a foundation for shadows?

Now I'll try to list the basics principles If you're using an eyelid primer that doesn't disappoint when you purchase this product:

  1. Washing - the skin of the eyelids should be clean;
  2. When applying an eye moisturizer, just give it time to absorb. The interval depends on the consistency of the product.
  3. You can easily put a napkin on the eyelids so that there is no excess cream.
  4. Depending on the texture of the product, it will be easier and more convenient to apply it with your fingers. If there is a special spatula, it is better to use it, and then pat the product over the skin.
  5. If the base is in a tube that resembles a lip gloss, it is enough to apply just a few drops to the eyelid and gently drive the product into the skin with your fingers.
  6. You can apply the base to both the upper and lower eyelids, but the second option is practiced less often.
  7. Usually, the base of the eyelid dries very quickly, so you can apply absolutely any shade, eyeliner, or pencil right away.
  8. In the evening, the eye shadow can be easily washed off together with the primer with a detergent such as milk.

That's basically it. Take some time and enjoy beautiful eye makeup all day long.

What if there is no eyelid base?

Buy it of course. But seriously, some girls do this:

  • powder Skin of the eyelids. This method takes place because the eyelids really dry out. However, if you do this all the time, you can quickly become the owner of wrinkles in that area.
  • Apply shadow wet Applicator. This method will help increase the brightness of the shadows, but it is unlikely that they will not roll. Suitable for dry eyelid skin.
  • Use shadows over it. Not a bad option, but it can again dry out thin sensitive skin eyelids or, conversely, excessively moisturize, resulting in a hated shadow streak in the crease of the eyelid. However, this method is practiced, so it is worth trying.
  • To use white pencil... The color of the eyeshadows becomes much more intense, but the durability does not increase.
  • Apply to the eyelids lip balm... Really crazy. I don't know what texture this product is supposed to be, basically they are all sticky, at least for me. As a result, the skin of the eyelids can become oily.

You can try replacing the product with one of the suggested options. However, the easiest thing to do is to buy this product once and use it for a very long time as it is right economically... Daily use is more than enough for you for six months.

That is all for me. Try a new remedy. Look for good quality makeup. trust proven Brands, read reviews. I recently used a Mary Kay base. I will say that their firmness leaves a lot to be desired, at least for oily skin this base is rather weak.

As soon as it ended, I acquired Korean Primer by Tony Moly, while everything suits me, the main thing is to matte well, does not dry, slightly brightens the eyelids. Koreans know a lot about good cosmetics. There is also a good base of Avon, while I was their distributor I mainly used them.

Perfect eye makeup for you! See you!

A primer, as you know, is a makeup base, a base that contains a certain percentage of pigment or is completely colorless and ensures the durability of the makeup. The eyelid primer is a stand-alone product that fulfills the same function, but is used exclusively for eye make-up. This begs a question (pretty logical, by the way): why not use a simple primer for these purposes?

Eyelid primer functions

Perhaps no one is going to claim that high-quality, professional makeup starts with a high-quality, correctly selected base - it is also known as a base, or foundation. Basic cosmetics help hide minor blemishes: black and white comedones, enlarged pores, wrinkles, oily sheen, the effects of a bad tan, blemishes, and acne scars. Under the basecoat, the skin looks healthier and its color is noticeably improved. These are high-quality basic cosmetics that allow models and celebrities to look beautiful on magazine covers and in clips. Well, an eyelid primer does the same thing - but only in a very limited area. Perhaps that's the only reason it hasn't become as popular and in demand as a makeup base.

There are primers (bases) not only for the skin of the face, but also for separate ones - for the eyelids and lips, and even for the eyelashes. The lip base helps the lipstick lie smoother on the lips, preventing it from spreading, wrinkling, and rolling. The eyeshadow primer prevents the eyeshadow from rolling and allows for a better blend. The base for the lashes makes them thicker, longer and allows the mascara to lay down more evenly. And all of these bases cannot be called interchangeable: a face base cannot replace an eyelid primer or lip base, or vice versa.

In some cases, eyelid primers containing light and light pigments can act as base (lightest) shadows, which, as we recall, need to be applied from above, just below the eyebrows. So the claim that an eyelid primer is the foundation of eye makeup stability is not going to be too loud. Not only that, according to professional makeup artists and stylists - this product delivers nearly 100 percent of the success of any eye makeup! For example, the top 10 most exciting eye makeup of the season from New York Fashion Week is "held" by eye primers. So if you choose a quality eyelid primer, it is no longer so important what shadows are used and how much they are applied: they stay in place all day and do not print on the arch under the eyebrows that they surround the upper eyelid. And here we come close to the question of who exactly needs an eyelid primer ...

Who Needs an Eye Shadow Primer?

First of all, this product will be needed by women with such features of the eyelids as freckles, wrinkles and the owners of the so-called transparent eyelids: a high-quality primer will "keep" the shadow longer, ensure its even application and, accordingly, mask any imperfections in this area. Well, for those who have such a feature of the structure of the eyelid, when its moving part is almost invisible (this is not called "overhanging" as many mistakenly call it, but "closed" eyelid), eyelid primers can be sure a key item in the makeup bag (and almost the only way to see shadows that weren't accidentally smeared the night before makeup was removed).

However, some makeup artists claim that this is a universal product that every girl from 16 to 66 years old needs. Accordingly, the eyelid primer is the best way to avoid smudged eye makeup, which is suitable for all girls, regardless of the structure of the eyes. So, when deciding whether you need an eyelid primer, consider the following: It is easier for you to spend an extra 10 seconds priming the area over your eyes in the morning than it is to spend an additional five minutes every few hours and apply it remove crumbled shadows and smeared liners from the corners of your eyes.

How to Choose the Best Eye Shadow Primer?

As a rule, an eyelid primer contains silicones and various pigments: silicones adhere (make-up resistance), smooth the surface of the skin, mask wrinkles, and pigments correct other imperfections. Depending on the type of skin defect, these products may contain pigments of different colors and / or mother-of-pearl. Pearlescent particles, also known as aesthetic enhancers, should give the face a fresh, radiant and youthful appearance. All pigments in eyelid primers should of course match your skin tone: fair transparent skin, pink pearlescent pigment is suitable, darker - delicate peach, dark - thick apricot.

Quality assessment of the eyelid primer - morning, afternoon, evening

Choosing an eyelid primer follows the same principle as the rest of decorative cosmetics: liquid products are definitely not suitable for oily skin, but they are very good for dry or aging skin. Of course, the upper eyelid is not an area that can boast of active sebum production, but this area is where sweat often accumulates. So, when choosing an eyelid primer, consider this fact as well. In general, a good, high-quality foundation - regardless of texture or packaging - should be spread over the eyelid easily and quickly: after shading the base, you need to rub it lightly, and then gently dab it all over the eyelid with a fingertip: the product should dry almost immediately.

Given today's makeup needs, an eyelid foundation has every reason to be considered a basic beauty product. Girls who want to be on time for everything, leaving home early in the morning and returning late at night, expect makeup to stay flawless all the time. This is hardly possible without an eyelid primer. But it's important to find one that won't let you down. In the material - more about how to choose and use a primer, as well as popular versions that, according to reviews, are trustworthy.

Eyelid primer - what is it?

This is the means by which eye makeup begins. It helps prepare the delicate skin of the eyelids for applying eyeshadow or drawing arrows. Primers come in different formats: it can be a light gel, mousse, liquid or cream in a tube, or a dense paste in a jar. Most often the base under the shade is flesh-colored.

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The primer has several useful functions at the same time. Let us tell you more about them.

3 reasons to use an eyelid primer

  • First, it helps to degrease the skin of the eyelids, creates a primer on its surface, on which the next layers of cosmetics will be better fixed.
  • Second, it balances the relief of the skin on the eyelids, which makes the makeup products easier to spread.

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  • Thirdly, the primer ensures long-lasting eye make-up. The shadows do not roll, do not collect in the folds of the eyelids, do not crumble. In short, the makeup will keep its original freshness as long as possible. This is especially important if you are going to or do.

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Three-way primer selection

Consider these three points to find the perfect remedy.

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This may be the first thing to look out for. Since the primer is used daily, the skin should feel comfortable after application. Pay attention to the properties and needs of the skin. If it's "oily," pencils and eyeliners can slide over it, making the makeup process difficult. In this case, you need a fairly dense textured base for the eyelids with a matte effect. And for those who notice dry skin, you can opt for a lighter, airier texture that is also moisturized. How to apply a liquid base, see the video below.

Some foundations only prepare the skin for eye makeup and make it easier to spread other products on top of the base coat. Others offer a longer lifespan. And thanks to them, the make-up withstands any test - for example in hot or high humidity. Choose what is more relevant to your rhythm of life.

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In addition to the "usual" primers, there are also variants with special formulas. The white base Eye Shadow Base in shade No. 1 White from NYX Professional Makeup is a kind of substrate for light cosmetic tones that improves color saturation.


And black base # 5 black helps create "thick" smoky eyes.


Is there anything you can replace with an eyelid primer?

It seems that there are no irreplaceable beauty products - inventive beauticians will always find a worthy alternative to what is missing in their cosmetic bag. It's the same story with an eyelid primer. Different tools can be used instead. How to replace the base under the shade

  • A thick and long-lasting foundation or concealer with the same properties

Spread the product on the eyelid with light hammer movements and start applying make-up on the eyes.

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Use it to shade the eyelids. Use white to lighten the overlay shadows. If this is not necessary, the usual nude shade will help. And Kayal with a dense, oily formula offers better "grip" with other textures.

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It is enough to lightly powder the eyelids to remove the film of fat and prepare the skin for makeup. However, if you want the ultimate in durability, a powdered base is unlikely to do so.

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By the way, to increase the durability of the eye makeup, you can use a life hack. Try applying shadows using a damp method, having previously moistened the brush in water.

How do you use eyeshadow primer?

If you need to degrease or further cleanse the eyelids, wipe them with micellar water, then spread the product on the skin without stretching the skin of the eyelids. To do this, use your fingertips with light tapping movements.

Eyelid Primer Review

It's no coincidence that this popular foundation from Urban Decay has become popular with many makeup artists: eyeshadow and eyeliner are not allowed to roll or fade during the day. This base has Sin and Eden shades that can also be used as highlighter pens thanks to the texture with shimmering particles. There are also

High-quality, long-lasting make-up cannot be created without special products. One such tool is an eyelid primer. With its help, you can mask imperfections on the skin, make the color even, increase the durability of makeup and protect the skin of the eyelids from harmful componentsthat can be found in eye shadow.

Eyelid primer - what is it?

The primer is applied to the face before the main layer of decorative cosmetics, which is why it is so called (from English "prime" is translated as "primary", "first"). If it is an eye primer, then this cosmetic product can also be called a foundation or base in the shade. The consistency of the base is similar to a concealer that smooths out color imperfections in the skin. Some believe that this is a tool that can be dispensed with entirely. You can do it, but the makeup won't be as bright, persistent, and effective. In particular, the base is irreplaceable if the skin of the eyelids is oily, since with oily skin, after a few hours, the shadows roll down.

3 reasons to use a shadow base

The base for the eyeshadow is an optional part of makeup, but it has several important properties:

  • With a primer, eye make-up stays in its original shape for several hours - the shadows do not roll, the eyeliner does not smear, the glitter does not crumble. It is necessary when there is an imminent responsible or solemn event, or when you plan to go out for a long period of time without the opportunity to update your makeup. In addition, the shelf life of not only expensive cosmetics, but also the cheapest products increases.
  • With the base, the shadows look lighter, no matter what color they are - both light and dark shadows ... When applying light shades, the transparency disappears, dark shades look more saturated. That is very noticeable. Shadows are better shaded, making it easier to create smooth color transitions. Makeup artists especially recommend using the base when creating smokey ice or arrow makeup.
  • The base makes the skin of the eyelids more matt, silky, evens out the skin tone and hides the capillary network. dark spots ... This makes the area around the eyes look fresher and the face refreshed.

Types of primers

The range of primers for eye shadow is wide, but the entire variety of products is divided into several groups by color and consistency.

CharacteristicFeatures of the
By color
ColorlessIt has a creamy structure, after application the shadows are deposited more evenly.
Meat (vary tone in tone as foundation)The consistency is similar to a concealer, evens out the skin tone, adapts to the natural color and has a slightly lightening effect.
colourHas a light shadow, contains a shimmer. It can be used not only as a base, but also as a liquid eye shadow.
By consistency
Liquid (sticky)The texture is translucent. It is great for young skin. Does not dry out as it contains nourishing components that do not give an oily shine. Best for glitter and dry eye shadows.
gelSuitable for oily skin or summer. Dries the skin a little.
creamA product with a natural color pigment that well masks imperfections: pigmentation, blood vessels, redness, darkening. They are useful for beginners.
ThickIt's difficult to apply this texture evenly, but it has a higher opacity.

Approval form:

  • glasses;
  • tubes;
  • bottles with a brush.

The last option is the most convenient to use, as there is no need to get your hands dirty, the product is applied evenly, and the skin does not stretch.

What do you have to pay attention to when choosing?

Every woman has her own skin type, which affects the shelf life of cosmetics and ease of distribution. Therefore, this aspect cannot be ignored:

  • For oily skin, you need to choose a product with a matting effect that dries the skin slightly. Gel products are great because they don't clog pores and allow the skin to breathe.
  • For dry skin, on the other hand, a light coating with a liquid consistency is more suitable. This foundation gives the skin additional moisture.
  • If the eyelids have a lot of blemishes, a dense product with high coverage is required.

The foundations vary in durability. Some just make it easier to distribute funds, others make makeup more durable. The characteristics of the base are indicated on the packaging.

There are primers for special purposes. This applies to colored substrates. For example, a white base increases the brightness of the eyeshadow dramatically, while a black base under the eyeshadow is perfect for creating a rich smokey ice makeup.

The skin should not feel uncomfortable either while wearing makeup or after removing it.

Eye shadow primer is bad if:

  • lies down unevenly;
  • dries the skin;
  • rolls up or spreads;
  • does not affect the brightness of the shadows and the durability of the makeup.

How do you use eyeshadow primer?

How to Use Your Eyelid Primer Properly:

  • The skin of the eyelids must be clean, so wash first.
  • In order for the primer to apply properly, the skin of the eyelids must be moisturized before application. To do this, apply a moisturizing eye cream. It should be absorbed so that the base is applied not immediately, but after a few minutes. If necessary, apply a napkin to the eyelids to remove excess money.
  • Apply, hammer, brush, spatula, or apply the base of the eyelid with your fingertips. You can touch up your make-up with your fingers at any time.
  • Then continue the makeup as usual. The base dries quickly so you don't have to wait.
  • Use cosmetic milk or another detergent to remove makeup.

Do not stretch the skin while applying the foundation.

Eyelid Primer Review

It is difficult to choose really high quality products from the whole range of products. By picking up good primer, you need to focus on reviews. The following color bases have received positive feedback:

24 hour photo finish Shadow Primer, Smashbox. This database rightly deserves the rave reviews people write about it. With this foundation, you really don't have to worry about the safety of your makeup for 24 hours. The foundation extends the durability of the make-up, prepares the skin for complex make-up, e.g. B. applying eyeshadow using stencils or drawing "bold" arrows. It is easy to apply and shade, protects makeup from rain, snow and tears. The only drawback is the high price: 1,700 rubles.

Smudge-proof eyeshadow base, nars. This base can even be applied to overhanging eyelids for oily skin types and will look amazing for hours. It is used as a base for matte shadows and for arrows drawn with a pencil or eyeliner. The composition contains natural beeswax. White color. In addition, the foundation is multifunctional and can be used as a concealer when mixing with the foundation. The price is about 2,000 rubles, so the tool cannot be called a budget.

Eye bases, Laura Mercier. The product belongs to the group of liquid foundations with a matte finish, contains antioxidants, instantly smooths, smooths and nourishes the skin. Available in six different colors. It can be used for both makeup and solo. The cost is 2500 rubles.

Beauty Base eyeshadow primer, Lumene. This base is sold in a convenient package in a tube with a thin nose. The product is consumed economically - a small pea lasts both centuries. The texture of the product is medium in size, not liquid, it is not felt on the skin at all. The shelf life of makeup with a base is 8 hours or more. Price - 800 rubles.

La Base Paupieres Pro, Lancome. The product is packaged in a round jar, has a dense melting texture with a sheen and a sweetish aroma. You can choose from three colors. Make-up with a base looks lighter, lasts longer. The base is spread in a thin layer under the eyeshadow, but it's also used to create nude makeup. Price - 2700 rubles.

You can also watch a video review of popular eye primers:

Makeup Artists Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled makeup artists will provide answers to the most common questions women ask. They relate to the proper use of the eyelid primer:

  1. How many primers should I apply?
    The product should be applied in one layer, since multiple layers of the base will make the makeup too heavy, especially if its texture is dense.
  2. How to choose a shade of a color base?
    If this is the basis for a flesh tone, it should be chosen like a foundation, with an emphasis on your own skin tone. The white base is universal. And black is used for smoke ice.
  3. Where exactly should I apply the eyelid primer?
    You can spread the product on both the upper and lower eyelids, but the latter option is not as popular. In the first case, the agent is applied to the entire movable eyelid, and above it to the eyebrows.
  4. Why Use A Moisturizer Around The Eyes Before Applying A Foundation?
    Almost all foundations dry out the skin. The cream promotes the easier distribution of the base and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Eyelid Primer - Must Or Have Extra Weight In A Cosmetic Bag?

A primer for the skin around the eyes will be appreciated by girls who like to apply shadows, draw arrows and wear makeup for a long time. It is necessary for women who want to look perfect in any setting and for those in positions of responsibility who are constantly in the field of view of cameras. If a girl prefers light eye make-up or only tints her eyelashes, she has no particular skin defects, she can do without a primer and replace it with other means if necessary.

Is there anything you can replace with an eyelid primer?

Girls and women who have not yet bought a base under the eye shadow are interested in how to replace the eye primer and whether it can be used instead cosmetic tools, intended for other areas of the face.

  • A foundation can be used in place of a base. But you need to choose the right texture so that the product does not dry out, but also does not moisturize the eyelid skin too much. The cream is applied with hammer movements.
  • Using powder for this purpose will show its best as it dries out the skin of the eyelids. But it is often impossible to use - it provokes the premature appearance of wrinkles.
  • To improve the color of the eye shadow, it is applied with a damp applicator - a popular method, but it does not prevent the makeup from rolling. White eyeliner does the same job - it increases the brightness of the makeup, but the durability of the eye makeup remains the same. They shade the eyelid and then spread the shadows from above.
  • In theory, the base can be replaced with a concealer, but in practice it is not very suitable for this purpose as it has a more oily texture and the makeup "flows". The concealer also smooths out and masks imperfections, but the makeup doesn't last as long as it does with the primer.

Who Needs an Eye Shadow Primer?

The Eyelid Foundation is a versatile product that makeup artists recommend to all girls and women. Because of the variety of consistencies and tones, you can choose a product for every skin type and color, as well as makeup option. But the base is only necessary for girls with droopy eyelids - they no longer need to constantly correct eye makeup. The eyeliner doesn't smear, and the shadows fold and print on the motionless eyelid. Eye makeup with a base looks much better if the skin of the eyelids is initially thin and blood vessels are visible through them, or there are a lot of wrinkles and age spots in this area.


An eyelid primer is a useful product if you choose a quality product and apply it properly. It lengthens makeup hold, brightens shadows and hides blemishes.

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Hello beauties - beauticians!

I have finally joined this wonderful community of connoisseurs of all the beautiful who is incredibly happy!
This post will focus on my eyelid bases (primers). Can't you imagine how I used to get along without her? In other words, I've never had particular problems with shadows - the tried and tested method was used: primer + transparent powder. Most eyeshadows after such prep the eyelids held perfectly.
But I wanted to go to the next level.

Let's take a closer look at them:

1. Lumene Beauty Base eyeshadow primer (7 ml)

Description from the manufacturer:
The base evens out the skin of the eyelids and lips for a perfect and long-lasting makeup and makes it easier to apply eyeshadow, pencils, eyeliner and lipstick. Make-up stays flawless throughout the day. Prevents the appearance of oily shine. Does not contain fragrances.
The product is formulated with arctic cranberry seed oil to brighten and refresh your skin.
Method of application: with gentle movements of the fingertips, distribute a small part of the base on the eyelids and lips. Powder lightly, then continue to apply selected makeup products.
Information is from the official website.

Extended opinion:
This base appeared in my second in a row (after Mary Kay's base for eyelids). The consistency was a bit unusual for me, but I made friends with it quickly! The Lumene base evens out the entire skin tone well, hides the capillary networks on the eyelid a little, the look is immediately fresher and healthier. The degree of its coverage can be described as a light haze that is apparently transparent, but balances out. Elusive even. It is applied and spread very easily, velvety texture, not nearly sticky.Literally in 10-15 seconds while taking out shadows and other remedies, I can apply shadows - my eyelids are ready to "work".
It's perfect for girls who don't need serious masking of the capillary networks on the eyelids. In general, I love them very much, I have been using it for half a year and even half a tube has not gone yet. Economical to the point of indecency!)


My eye is bare:

Generally nothing special)

My eye with a lumen base

There is practically no difference. The base lay in a translucent haze on the eyelid.

Flash base:

The photo shows that, on the contrary, the base does not shine - it has a velvety finish.

Great base, but for such a penny!

Rating: 5
Price: about 180 p.
Test phase: more than 6 months

2. Use Lemon Aid (eyelid color correcting primer) 2.7 g

Description from the manufacturer:
Our soft, lemon yellow cream helps hide redness and discoloration on your eyelids. In no time at all, your eyes will look refreshed, lively and ready for fun.
Else else you need to knowCan be worn with or without eye makeup.
Compact includes a mirror to freshen up on the go.
One shade goes perfectly with every complexion!

My free translation:
Our soft, lemon yellow cream helps hide redness and discoloration of the eyelids. After use, the eyes look refreshed, playful and ready for fun.
Can be worn with or without makeup.
The compact housing contains a mirror for touch-ups on the go.
One shade goes perfectly with every complexion!

Extended opinion:
For a long time I did not dare to buy this product, I repeatedly tested it and read reviews about the vastness of the Internet. To be honest, I didn't like the purchase at all. I still don't quite understand what kind of animal it is: a base or a corrector? At first I thought this little thing seemed universal, but it wasn't there ... the tool really balances out the general tone of the century, but after literally 10 minutes it's hammered into creases terribly! I was shocked! When I decided to find another use for the product, I tried to "cover up" the bruises under my eyes. But again, this product didn't impress me ... It also huddled in folds and emphasized. He was not distinguished by perseverance. I am very sorry that I bought this base. Maybe it will suit those whose eyelid skin is completely dry, maybe then it won't roll off. And that's not a fact!

Color field:

Even on a finger it is clear that its consistency is somehow heterogeneous and lies in lumps.

A little eye without anything

Capillary networks are visible and of course "pockets" under the eyes like my favorite animal - panda)))

Here it is as a base:

It is obviously unevenly. And it doesn't matter whether it's applied with your fingers or with a brush. Falls into microfine folds. So there is no feeling that the skin of the eyelids is not greasy, but rather velvety, not at all "penetrating" into the skin, lying in a greasy layer the entire time. At arm's length, of course, masking my face, but I still don't like the result.

10 minutes have passed since the application:

Rolled up ... There would be shadows, she would have "dragged them along" ... This is a useless base (it is also not suitable for masking bruises under the eyes - in principle, it behaves the same as it does on the eyelid. Such a result does not suit me at all.

Rating: 2-
Price:about 1000 p.
Test phase: 4 months

3. Benefits Do not stay stray (base for concealer and eye shadow) 10 ml

Description from the manufacturer:
This dual-action power primer works 360 ° around the eyes to keep the concealer AND eyeshadow STAY PUT. Concealers don't wrinkle, eye shadows stay alive and true ... you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

My free translation:
This powerful, double acting primer works 360 ° around the eyes to hold concealer and eye shadow in place. Concealers won't wrinkle and shadows will stay intact. You will wonder how you used to live without them!

Extended opinion:
The base is undoubtedly good! Long lasting and well pigmented, it can smooth the eyelid and mask under eye bruises! One mini-drop is enough for both eyes! For me this is just a godsend in road conditions. Shadows with her last all day, do not fade or go away at noon or midnight) you will hang on until you wash them off. I am very satisfied with it, especially since 10 ml will be enough for me for years!

Color field:

We look:

Left: naked eye. Right - the base is applied to the eyelid and under the eye. In my opinion, she did her job very well! Face to face difference)

Rating: 5
Price:about 1000 p.
Test phase: 8 months

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original (11 ml)

Description from the manufacturer:
That's it - THE most legendary foundation in the beauty industry. Eyeshadow Primer Potion is coveted by makeup artists and makeup junkies alike as it guarantees a more vibrant eyeshadow that will last for over 24 hours and NEVER CREATE! Once you've experienced its powers (and how smoothly it glides - an added bonus) you'll never want to live without them again. The original formula dries out invisibly, while Eden, Sin and Greed are sunglasses that can also be worn as shadows or highlighters!
Now this extraordinary elixir comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube so you can control how much you apply.

My free translation:
Here it is - the most legendary foundation in the beauty industry. Eyeshadow Primer is sought after by makeup artists and make-up lovers because it is more guaranteed to be bright colored eyeshadow that lasts over 24 hours and never rolls off! The first time you try a primer (plus which a sliding texture is an added bonus) you won't want to live without it anymore. The original formula dries invisibly and Eden, Sin and Greed colors can also be worn as eye shadows or highlighters!
This exceptional primer is now available in a new tube so you can control the amount you need to apply.

Extended opinion:
No wonder they say this primer is a legend! Unfortunately, you won't find him with fire during the day! I was really desperate while wandering around on ebay and seeing him! Without hesitation, I politely began to persuade the seller to sell me a set of all 4 primers (Original, Eden, Sin and Greed). The seller, it seems to me, was just happy about it). A month later these tubes were in my hands. The consistency and texture of the original is very similar to the Lumene base: weightless as a haze on the eyelid. Absolutely not felt on the eyelids, velvety and delicate, it is a pleasure to apply! Dries in seconds - my eyelids are ready for vibrant colors! To be honest, I have two such primers: one in an 11ml tube (in the first photo) and the second tube - up to 25ml (professional size!). Packed until retirement!

Let's take a closer look at this now:

I haven't colored the eyelid. You can refer to the photo where the eye is with the Lumene base. The result is roughly the same - invisible)
Rating: 5+++++++
Price: about $ 18 each
Test phase: almost 1.5 months

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Eden (11 ml):

Description from the manufacturer:: lift your eyes to the previous point)

Extended opinion:
This primer has very good masking properties. In my opinion, it copes well with capillary networks on the eyelids, bruises under the eyes, and other imperfections. In addition to its direct purpose (base under the shadow), I mask imperfections, be it redness or pimples. Foundation cream and powders lay perfectly on top of the foundation. The result always makes me happy, only imperfections make me sad.

This is what it looks like on the skin:

Rating: 5+
Costs: $18
Test phase: almost 1.5 months

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Greed (11 ml)

Product description: higher

Extended opinion:
This base is the perfect creamy eye shadow in a delicate golden sand color! Can be used alone or with other eye beauty products. I like the way the base shines in the sun - it has a beautiful, sparkling sheen with a warm undertone. Brightens and refreshes the eyes. For the summer - an irreplaceable shade!


Electric light:

Well what it looks like on the eyes:

Here it is - a golden sheen, delicate and beautiful at the same time!

Rating: 5+
Costs: $18
Test phase: almost 1.5 months

7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Sin (11 ml)

Product description: higher

Extended opinion:
Just like the previous golden primer, this base is beautiful and unique in its own way. The color of the champagne, slightly with a pink undertone, makes the makeup delicate and girly. The pink color does not give the eyes a tear-stained effect. A very delicate color that shines in the sun with millions of pink sparks!


Now to the eyes:

Rating: 5+
Costs: $18
Test phase: almost 1.5 months

Last but not least on the list

8. Artdeco Eyeshadow Base (5 ml):

Product description:
Glam Stars Eyeshadows Base is neutral in color, moisturizes the eyelids and has a creamy texture. Prevents shadows from entering the creases of the eyelids and makes the eyeshadow waterproof. As a result, the shadows will fall on the eyelids more evenly, and the use of a base will make the color of the shadows more saturated.

Extended opinion:
This base has a subtle sheen that helps even out the color of the eyelid and make it look fresh and radiant! Sits perfectly and is shaded with both a brush and your fingers. On this basis I like to apply 4s Chanel and other glowing eyeshadows. Lasting, easily withstands heat and inclement weather, and does not make shadows disappear without permission. It is unlikely to be able to hide the bright capillary network. I could compare it to Lumene and Urban Decay bases - all 3 have a light leveling coating. I love them very much, although the volume in the glass is too small - only 5 ml.

Let's see how she "lives" in a black glass:

And on hand:
An excellent base - I had to "run" all over town for it! But it was worth it!

Rating: 5
Costs: about 350 p.
Test phase: 3 months

That seems to be all. Thanks for reading until the end. I hope my post wasn't too long and boring for you!

Be wonderful!
For me only on "you"!
Your Lena-Pandita