Which Bollywood actresses showed nudity

Stars Naked: These famous actresses have starred naked in films

One sentence that keeps coming up in the entertainment business is “sex sells”. If you compare this list and the Forbes list of top-earning actresses, it's safe to say that the motto fits. Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman, among others, have earned their place in both rankings.

One actress who is also extremely popular with fans and producers is Margot Robbie. Compared to Theron and Kidman, she is still a newcomer, but has already landed a lot of top roles. Here we introduce you again to Robbie in detail!

From a fairly new star in the acting sky to a real all-rounder. Film star, famous singer and now also Instagram star - Jennifer Lopez cuts a fine figure everywhere. With such social media snapshots, your fans get a gasp.

Now over 50 years old and nobody can really believe it. This is true of JLo, but also applies to Liz Hurley. The actress, who dropped her covers in the 80s, cut out one impressive Instagram post after another over 30 years later. Incredible: this woman says she has been single for eight years!

When Hurley started her acting career, Emilia Clarke was just born. They appear side by side on our list - Clarke was already naked on the movie screen, but of course also on Game of Thrones. But there were also tears in the nude scenes for “GoT”.

Clarke will have to wait a few more years to be included on our list of the hottest celebrity women over 40 - she will be able to take it. However, there is no getting around the colleagues Lopez, Hurley, Holmes or Winslet. Over 100 women are represented there - you can see who is there!