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In a nutshell
“We live in a democracy” is what you often hear. That means that the people in our state live in freedom. Everyone is free to express their opinion. The laws in a democracy apply to all people. All citizens, including the state, must obey the law. In free elections, the people decide who they want to be governed by. And if they are not satisfied with the government, they can choose another government in the next election.

Rule of the people

The term "democracy" comes from the Greek and means "rule of the people". This form of government has existed in Germany since 1949, before it existed from 1918 to 1933. In a democracy, all citizens have the same rights and obligations. They are not ruled by an emperor, nor a king or general.

The people determine

In a democracy all people are free to speak their minds, to meet, to get information. There are different parties that express their ideas in so-called party programs. In a democracy, citizens vote for people and parties by whom they want to be governed for a certain period of time. And if the government does its job badly, the people can choose another government in the next election.

Observe laws
In a democracy, everything the state does must be done according to the rules of the constitution and applicable laws. In Germany these rules are contained in the Basic Law. The democratic state is always a constitutional state. In Germany there was a second German state from 1949 to 1990, the "German Democratic Republic", or GDR for short. Although the term "democracy" appeared in the state name, the GDR was not a democracy.

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