How are ferries refueled in ports

Elbehafen welcomes the Elbe ferry "Greenferry I" for refueling with environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG)

  • March 05, 2021
  • 08:19
  • shipping
The RoPax ferry "Greenferry I", which has been operating on the Brunsbüttel - Cuxhaven route since the beginning of this week, moored in the Elbe port of Brunsbüttel for the first time in the night from Wednesday to Thursday to bunker the low-emission fuel LNG (Liguefied Natural Gas). The 130 m long ferry was bunkered with a total of 18 t of LNG by the companies GasCom and LIQUIND Marine using the so-called truck-to-ship process. At the same time, this was a first, as a passenger ferry in the Elbe port was bunkered with LNG for the first time.
“The new ferry connection between Brunsbüttel and Cuxhaven is an enrichment for the regions on both sides of the Elbe. We are therefore pleased that we can make our contribution to a hopefully successful start of the ferry connection by providing the infrastructure of the Elbe port as well as our many years of experience in LNG bunkering ", explains Frank Schnabel, Managing Director of Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH / SCHRAMM group . "The fact that the ferry is operated exclusively with LNG underlines that LNG is already being used extensively in shipping," continues Schnabel.
Due to the significant reduction in emissions compared to conventional marine fuels, LNG is particularly environmentally friendly. With the use of LNG, a large number of emissions, in particular sulfur, nitrogen, soot particles and also carbon dioxide, can be significantly reduced. A large number of the ships currently under construction or ordered from shipyards will have LNG-powered engines.

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