What is a good sad anime movie

Top 10 Sad Anime Movies That Are Guaranteed to Make You Cry

If you're a fan of depressing anime movies that squeeze the heart before it explodes, then you're going to come across some real tidbits on your own list. We have everything from classic anime films to lesser-known plays, plus a number of the biggest victories of the past few years recorded here to make sure you find something to scream about.

These anime films all deal with different subjects (family troubles, isolation, death, suicide and mental health ...) and their intensity could get quite significant as well. While a number is easier to digest, below are some animes that deal with things that might open some older and debilitating wounds, but they can also help you heal them.

10 | Now and then here and there | 1999-2000

Brave and tenacious Shuuzou now lives a pretty ordinary life surrounded by friends and a loving family. He aspires to be a kendo winner but is defeated in the championship and runs away in his grief to see the pond.

He sits on the massive chimney and meets a blue-haired woman who immediately arouses Shuu's fascination. They begin to speak, although Ms. Lala-Ru is still a calm, reserved woman.

Suddenly they are faced with a girl with two strange machines who want to kidnap the woman because of her magical necklace.

Shuuzou still proves to be daring and tries to spare the woman accidentally touching the pedant who leads him Lala-Ruu into an unknown universe.

In this universe, Shuu has to go through terrible difficulties, but he stands out from the woman. It's a daring miserable series with two memorable characters.

There's an action anime piece from 1999 here and there, but it's still among the best dark anime series to watch online on Anime-Planet in 2020.

9 | Golden time (Gôruden taimu) | 2013-2014

If you're interested in finding a gritty anime with a happy ending, Golden Time can help you climb out of that darkness. Often times, a sad occasion in our life could take us back for a long time and is likely to stay together forever.

As a result of this beautiful romantic anime Golden Time, we could sit back with a grin. It's probably not the most bizarre anime you will ever see, but it's just one that suggests that life can turn out to be even after terrible tragedies.

Banri Tada's story begins with a terrible accident in which he loses his memories in his previous life. After missing for a while, he decides to reunite with his own life and make new friends in his new school.

As a result of Banri's new pal Mitsuo, he can fulfill his new romance, Koko Kaga. The gorgeous woman is remarkably popular with boys, but over the years she fails for our protagonist.

Golden Time is an entertaining, but also somewhat sad, anime show with a happy ending and excellent characters like the adorable anime woman Koko.

8 | Haibane Renmei | 2002

The dark story of this Haibane woman named Raqqa will take you to a very sad place.

Haibane are created with two small gray wings and a halo over the head.

Raqqa lives in a village called Old Home and, along with another Haibane, has to follow strict principles. You are not allowed to leave the city or approach the surrounding wall.

Haibane is not allowed to use money or own anything. Regardless of whether the villagers treat them respectfully and kindly, if they break any of these rules, they will be severely punished.

Raqqa tries to get used to their new lifestyle and immediately connects with other Haibanes. Things get pretty worrying when some of the kids disappear on so-called flight day and don't return. Also disappears among Rakka's closest friends when she breaks a number of principles.

Raqqa doesn't understand anything or not her type and decides to discover a remedy out of necessity.

Haibane Renmei is truly a beautiful and sad anime about friendship, desperate scenarios and discovering ourselves in difficult times.

7 | Charlotte | 2015-2016

Charlotte is a fantastic anime that is full of fascinating twists and turns and characters that are overwhelmed. It's a short anime collection, unfortunately, and so the fun will end pretty quickly.

We follow Yuu Otasaka, who owns a superpower that allows him to take over someone else for five minutes. Yuu's motivation is clearly not that most of the personalities stand out together; He just has to get through a big school without difficulty.

His strategies are triggered by Nao, a woman who is imperceptible to a selected person. It forces him to make big adjustments that he would never have wished for.

Where you find superpowers you will find great dangers. Your life becomes complex when two college partners are kidnapped and murdered among them.

Charlotte is one of the best underrated unfortunate anime series with a lot of fascinating scenes.

6 | You are a principle (2014-2015) - your lie

Your April lie is absolutely among the most amazing sad anime shows ever made. It's a fan favorite and a pleasant one too. The images are breathtaking and the narrative is not only a teardrop but also quite a unique individual.

But Kousei is brought back into the spotlight by Kaori, an eccentric woman who motivates him to play songs.

The narrative is as inspiring and hot as it is heartbreaking. In the event that you want to see a fantastic dark anime series with a cheap finish, then this is the time to check out Your Lie in April.

5 | Erase d (2016) - A city without me

Deleted is among those unfortunate anime ads that can send a chill down your spine. It's a terrifying time-traveling anime with fantastic sounds and visuals.

Satoruour's protagonist (29) is sent back in time to protect himself from a series of kidnappings that lead to the death of his mother.

Erased is a fascinating psychological puzzle anime with an extreme and scary narrative and fantastic characters that can bring a tear or two to your eyes.

4 | Clannad: After the Story (2008-2009)

Clannad: The following story is perhaps the very successful and tragic continuation of a company. It's based on the Key Clannad franchise, which explores Tomoya and Nagisa's delight in more depth.

Clannad: Following Story is a beautiful anime that explores the real meaning and value of love and loved ones.

3 | Violet Evergarden (2018)

Violet Evergarden really is the most melancholy and breathtaking anime that you will ever see. The artwork is so stunning that it can bring tears to your eyes if you look at it without sound or subtitles.

The narrative follows Violet after a fantastic war in which she acted as a wolf despite her youthful age. She eventually gets a job at an agency serving a mission to write letters that connect individuals.

She lost her arms in a fight and now has mechanical arms. The narrative examines human emotions and relationships through their innocent and innocent eyes.

It's a beautiful and unique tale, and Violet's last one makes it dark and touching. Violet Evergarden can also be one of the greatest unfortunate animes on Netflix.

2 | Angel beats! (2010)

Rebellious teenagers fight in an armed struggle against the supernatural powers of a dispassionate woman in a large school after death.

Angel beats! A young woman named Yuri describes that they come from the afterlife. As if receiving this brand new product wasn't enough, Otonashi also understands that all he can remember is his title.

While Yuri tries to recruit Otonashi for the war against Tenshi, an evil woman with supernatural powers, he won't believe her and tries to speak to Tenshi. That's a pretty bad idea ...

Otonashi eventually combines the SSS and tries to win the Tenshi war, but finds that he is very attracted to her.

Over time, he reveals the secrets of the afterlife and at the same time hopes to find out exactly what Tenshi wants.

Even though Angel Beats! It's a pretty action-packed series, it's also a pretty psychologically sad anime that is sure to make your eyes water.

It is also one of the most effective early anime and has won tons of awards.

Not only will you observe the narrative emotional, but also the ideal music options and stunning visual effects that Angel Beats create! To the very exciting, but also to the saddest animes you will ever see.

1 | Plastic memories (2015)

Vinyl Memories is all about Tsukasa, who is in the SAI business due to his father's connection. His job would be to collect Giftias that have reached their expiration date once they have lost their memories and eventually become aggressive.

“Giftias” are exceptionally innovative and human androids. However, unlike individuals, Giftias only have roughly nine decades and four weeks to live and reach their expiration date.

Tsukasa is merged with a lovely Giftia named Isla who is the very wealthy worker at Terminal Service.

Over time, Tsukasa develops deep feelings regarding Isla and has to deal with the inevitable somber ending that draws closer and closer each day.

Vinyl Memories is a beautiful arcade that deals with loss and love in a brand new way. It is definitely going to become one of the funniest gambling halls with an extraordinary love story that you will ever see.