Why is Foodpanda not in the US

Lieferheld.de with new financial injection from the USA

The successful online delivery service portal Lieferheld.de is getting additional money: The parent company Delivery Hero announced today that it had received a financial injection of 88 million US dollars from the USA. The money is to be used primarily for technology and business expansion. Expansion into the USA could also be conceivable.

The Berlin delivery service Lieferheld, which only recently drew attention to itself with its Angela Merkel advertisement, today announced the conclusion of a new round of financing. The US venture financier Insight Venture is said to have invested $ 88 million in parent company Delivery Hero.

Promising business model

The online delivery service Delivery Hero was only founded in 2010, but has so far collected a total of almost 200 million US dollars in investor money. According to its own information, the delivery service now works with around 50,000 restaurants on four continents. Delivery Hero is represented in Germany with the online portal Lieferdienst.de.

The idea behind Delivery Hero: Unlike conventional delivery services, the company switches its service between the restaurant and the consumer. Customers are no longer limited to just one restaurant, but can, for example, order their food from numerous participating restaurants at the Berlin branch Lieferdienst.de. In addition, customers can rate the restaurants and delivery services based on criteria. Delivery Hero then uses the categories of customer ratings, delivery speed and number of regular customers to create ranking lists of the best providers.

Expansion into the USA?

Customers can place their orders using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and the entire payment process is handled by Delivery Hero. The business model seems to be working after just four years: Delivery Hero is expected to generate annual sales of 400,000 US dollars. The company employs a total of 700 people worldwide, 300 in Berlin alone.

With the new capital injection, the company now wants to invest in the expansion of its businesses and technology. Expansion into the United States is also not ruled out: "Insight has already gained extensive experience with internationally expanding companies," said Delivery Hero boss Niklas Ă–stberg.

With Foodpanda there is a similarly functioning service in Berlin. He also received a cash injection from the USA last year: the venture financier Phenom Ventures had invested 20 million US dollars in the company.