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Wednesday evenings in Paint and Thursdays in Dubstep.
Los miércoles a la noche en el Paint, y los jueves en el Dubstep.
I would love to Dubstep hear from Kurt.
Darius, told Heather how fantastic Dubstep is.
Darius, Heather dijo que Dubstep it's terrific.
Yeah, everything you think is so boring that I put it up with Dubstep replace.
But I have to admit Dubstep is a little too strange for me.
Talk That Talk is comprised of a variety of musical genres including hip hop, R&B, house, and dancehall Dubstep, a genre that the singer first incorporated in her fourth studio album, Rated R (2009).
Talk That Talk combina una variedad de géneros musicales como el hip hop, R&B, electro house, dancehall y el dubstep, un género incorporó por primera vez en su cuarto álbum de estudio, Rated R (2009).
Funkstep was mainly from the spring of 2012 through influences from the genres Dubstep, French House, Funky House and also Electro House.
El Funkstep has sido mayormente influenciado desde principios del 2012 por el Dubstep y el French House, pero también por el Funky House y el Electro House.
This problem is mostly solved by playing the song during its Dubstep similar phases half as fast as in the occurring House-like sections.
Este problema suele ser resuelto por la reproduction de la canción en sus partes dubstep a mitad de la velocidad comparando las similitudes con las partes de la musica House.
The term "Chillstep" is made up of the words "to chill" (to relax) and "Dubstep"(electronic music genre) together.
Como resultado de esta unión nace el Chillstep tomando el prefijo "Chill" de Chill Out, y "step"del género musical dubstep.
However, many artists consider the potential of the commercial Dubstep already exhausted, which resulted in various subgenres and changes.
Sin embargo, muchos artistas consideran que el potencial del Dubstep comercial ha desaparecido, it por eso que se consideraron diversos subgéneros y variaciones.
At the moment I like to listen to reggae, gypsy songs, classical or Dubstep... Everything.
Con tal de que sea bueno, "reggae", música zíngara música clásica, "dub step" de todo.
Funkstep (pronounced fʌŋkstep), also funky Dubstep, is a music genre of electronic dance music and a subgenre of Dubstep, as well as from French House.
Funkstep (fʌŋkstep) es un género de música electrónica de baile y un subgénero del Dubstep y del French House.
He lays mostly Dubstep up, but he's sure to have the wedding march too.
He lays mostly Dubstep up, but he's sure to have the wedding march too.
The speed changes are particularly noticeable there Dubstep is usually between 64 and 80 beats per minute, while French and Electro House are around 116 to 130.
Los cambios de velocidad son especialmente mencionables, ya que el Dubstep / Drumstep generalmente oscila entre los 80 y los 90 bpm, en contraste al French House y el Electro House que oscilan entre los 116 y los 130 bpm.
But at the latest after using a typical Dubstep Riffs and the subsequent change of the bass drum to a consistent 4/4 time, shows that the transition to more complex house music is taking place, which is what characterizes a Funkstep song.
Pero después de comenzar con un típico reef Funkstep y cambiar el bombo a un compás de 4/4, es fácil reconocer la conexión más compleja a la música House, del cual es común en una canción Funkstep.
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