Ikea furniture is all made in China

IKEA - manufacturers and producers

If you feel like strolling through one of the furniture stores of the world's largest furniture retailer in Germany, you usually don't have to drive far. Somewhere close by, the name IKEA is emblazoned in yellow on a blue-colored building complex.

The authors: The furniture experts Heinz G. and Olaf Günther, known from over 30 TV reports on RTL, SAT1 and ARD.

IKEA is the world leader in furniture sales, because in 2004 customers all over the world spent a total of € 12.8 billion on IKEA goods.

Anyone who sells so much has to buy gigantic amounts beforehand. Because customers can choose from a huge range. Every house offers around 10,000 items, said someone from IKEA Germany. The furniture and accessories have their own face. I want to call them IKEA-specific. You won't find it in the other furniture in the republic.

That is why the clever furniture buyer asks, as he always does: “Where do the things come from? Who produced them? ”Regardless of whether they are at IKEA or elsewhere, he just wants to know.

At IKEA, you only get one global answer to the direct question:

  • We produce 10% of our furniture ourselves in the Group's own company, Swedwood. It has 32 production facilities in 9 countries with a total of around 11,000 employees.
  • We buy 31% of our goods from manufacturers in the Far East, mainly in China.
  • Manufacturers from Poland supply us with 12%. We also buy at home from manufacturers in Sweden at 9%, in Italy at 7% and in Germany at 6%. The rest is distributed in small margins to manufacturers worldwide.

Sure, more will not be revealed. You know these clever furniture buyers who dare to contact certain manufacturers directly.

But the clever ones are not so easily pacified. Then you reach into the bag of tricks from the guide Buy smart furniture and find out the manufacturer in this way.

That makes sense when it comes to manufacturers who are not totally committed to IKEA, who are therefore supported several times and are therefore also there for the rest of the furniture market.

With producers who only live for and from IKEA, things may be going very well at the moment. Nevertheless, they live dangerously, because IKEA has to constantly relaunch too. In German: Let new things off the stack. Anyone who can't keep up for whatever reason is out of business.

TV furniture expert Heinz G. Günther warns of rip-offs: "Buy no Furniture before you do not this report have read!"

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