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INFINITAS - chlorine-free water

Chlorine-free care for whirlpools, swimming pools and swim spas

INFINITAS Vision's innovative method of action - water disinfection without chlorine

The innovative water disinfection technology from INFINITAS Vision offers numerous advantages compared to conventional water purification technology with chlorine. Our technology dispenses with chlorine (as a rule, exceptions in the use and certain water parameters must exist) and other chemicals (substitutes such as vitamin C, linden bark extracts). In this way you not only protect yourself and your loved ones, but also the environment and act sustainably. Another advantage is that you significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs. Get an overview of the ionization principle and the advantages of INFINITAS Vision water disinfection here.

Note: The Infinitas system is a disinfection variant. The system has no effect on the domestic water and the color of the water. (Due to the copper ionization, the water usually turns turquoise)

INFINITAS Vision - chlorine-free water

Copper / silver ionization is a natural sterilization and flocculation process. With the help of electrodes, minimal amounts of copper and silver are released in a chamber, whereby we have developed a certain amount and alloy that achieve their effect in temperature ranges of up to 50 degrees. This process enriches the water with copper ions (an algicide and flocculant) and silver ions (kills and disinfects bacteria). The copper / silver ionization is suitable for all types of water (attention: water color is not guaranteed). INFINITAS has optimized and perfected the principle. This technology enables constant water disinfection for whirlpools and jacuzzi models at higher temperatures.

If you are interested in further details and information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and explain the principle and the advantages to you in detail.

Advantages of the INFINITAS procedure

  • Permanently germ-free water without chlorine and chemicals (crystal clear also depends on your domestic water and degree of pollution, mixed solutions may be necessary)
  • No unpleasant smell or taste
  • No red eyes
  • No injuries, burns or dehydration of the skin
  • No dangerous chemicals that may be present as deposits of disinfection
  • No corrosion on the components that come into contact with water (Caution Ph Minus can touch stainless steel)
  • Depending on the location and size, savings of up to 85% compared to other systems
  • Child-safe and child-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Low maintenance and can be retrofitted at any time
  • If, in case of doubt, the water is not what you want, we also have the appropriate means (chemicals) that could be useful as emergency plasters.

Chlorine & the fight against germs

Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens multiply faster in warm water than in cold water. In outdoor whirlpools and swim spas, the temperature is usually high, so germs thrive and multiply here faster. Bathing people and the environment contribute - albeit unintentionally - to the transmission of viruses and bacteria. In order to destroy these harmful germs and to slow down the spread and reproduction, chlorine or another chemical substance is usually used. Since chlorine has the highest oxidizing effect, it fixes the problem very quickly and radically. However, if you consider the other health-damaging factors of chlorine, then you should resort to alternatives. In addition, chlorine is one of the acrylic industry's greatest enemies. Swim spas, outdoor whirlpools are made of acrylic. Accordingly, with chlorine you not only harm your health, but also your product.

Why chlorine cleaning will soon be a thing of history

Water purification and disinfection should protect your health. It is therefore important to know that cleaning with chlorine does not do this.
Chlorine cleaning is a purely chemical process. During this process, pathogens, viruses and other germs are burned and degradation products are created. These breakdown products are called chloramines. Chloramines ensure that the unpleasant and annoying smell arises, that the skin itches and redden eyes and they are also suspected of being carcinogenic.

Follow for you and your outdoor hot tub, swimming pool or swim spa

  • Allergies are promoted (not only to the chlorine itself)
  • Acute and chronic skin problems arise
  • Color degradation on your swim spa, whirlpool and on the edge of your swimming pool
  • The rusting of individual components
  • When exposed to sunlight, the chlorine disappears into the environment and into the air. The chlorine content in the water must therefore always be topped up and kept at a certain level. For you, this means more work and rising costs.

In summary, one can say: the more often you bathe and the warmer the water (especially in jacuzzis and whirlpools), the more chlorine you need and the more chloramines are formed. That is why you should look for alternatives, because you can also do without chlorine.

What does the INFINITAS Vision do differently?

In pools for both indoor and outdoor use, the water is passed through a filter via a filtration or turnover pump and then flows back into the pool. All solid and larger substances or pieces got stuck in this filter. With INFINITAS ION, the water is passed through the INFINITAS disinfection device after filtering and only then returns to the pool. As a result, the DNA of the pathogen is broken down and reproduction is no longer possible.

After filtration in the collection filter or cartridge filter, the water enters the ion treatment system. There are two electrodes in this system. These are moved to release ions with ultra-weak electrical impulses that are harmless to humans. These ions destroy germs and algae by damaging the cell wall. The ions interlock with the dead residues and germs and everything ends up in the INFINITAS filter. The residue will then end up in the drain when you rewind the filter or clean it by hand.

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The Infinitas system is not a miracle device. Here, too, water care must be taken into account, as well as external influences from high ambient temperatures, strong exposure to UV rays from sunlight, exposure to humans and other biological substances. The Infinita system does not manage to withstand every water pollution. In an emergency, other types of disinfection must be used.

Why INFINITAS and no other ionizers?

  • The positive effect of the ions on the skin: They have a disinfectant effect and minor skin inflammations and injuries are also treated.
  • Almost all ionizing devices without chlorine release ions into the water in an uncontrolled manner. The delivery is not measured or verified. The INFINITAS has a technology which, on the one hand, makes the INFINITAS itself and the electrodes much more durable and, on the other hand, enables the controlled release of ions. These still show their effect even at very high temperatures. (Measurement and dosing not yet possible)
  • The INFINITAS Vision Pro (not yet on the market) is equipped with automatic PLT measurement. This means that it is performing an ion measurement. You can also use it to control your INFINITAS Vision fully automatically via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Trust is good, control is better

All INFINITAS devices of version 2.0 and up are equipped with intelligent measurement and adjustment technology. All relevant measurement data are shown on your display. In this way you can observe what changes in the water, how and by what effects.

The type of measurement used by the INFINITAS ION is unique in the world. The development and research of INFINITAS ionization took a lot of time. We guarantee effectiveness and efficiency and crystal clear water that you can drink without hesitation.

Copper and us: Copper is a trace element that must not be missing in order to stay healthy and fit. It is an important part of our existence and can be found almost everywhere. Like magnesium, sodium and potassium, copper is one of the elements that have an impact on our metabolism and organism.

Where is ionization technology already being used?

  • For the antibacterial treatment of burns and open wounds
  • To protect the eyes of newborns from infection
  • Small silver threads are in socks to prevent the growth of bacteria and thus the smell
  • There are antibacterial surfaces in the refrigerator that contain silver ions
  • In over 70 countries, beverages such as beer, lemonade, wine and alcoholic beverages contain silver to keep them germ-free and pure and to preserve the taste
  • Half of all (passenger) aircraft in the world and over 1000 luxury liners (passenger ships) use this method

Things to know about ionization

  • The technology we use was designed and patented by NASA in the 1950s.
  • The technology has been known for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used the effect for their drinking water and it was the Greeks who recognized the copper and the disinfecting effect
  • The water in the wishing wells of big cities: In every well there are silver and copper coins

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Infinitas technology in use

The INFINITAS Vision system is already used in thousands of whirlpools, swimming pools, jacuzzis and swim spas, in cooling systems, as well as in aquariums and drinking water systems in hospitals and cisterns. In addition, INFINITAS Technik is gaining ever greater interest in other branches of industry, such as shipping, space and aircraft technology and also in the food and textile industries. If you would like crystal clear water for your swim spa, swimming pool or whirlpool and have further questions about water treatment and water disinfection, please speak to one of our colleagues, ask for a call back or request a catalog.

Infinitas component possible in every outdoor whirlpool or swim spa

The subject of water treatment and water disinfection is often talked about less than it actually is.
You should not rely on an ozonator (ozone generator) and a UV lamp to disinfect the water in a pool. These two components stand in their own way and destroy the chlorine itself when chlorine is used.
The INFINITAS system recognized this problem and worked out a solution. The system completely dispenses with chemicals and works according to the ionization principle. The copper / silver ionization is suitable for all types of water. The INFINITAS component offers the security of environmentally and health-friendly water purification. The technology has been known for a long time and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is much larger than you would imagine. The question that may now arise for you is why this technology is not used in every basin for water treatment and water disinfection. The answer to this is very clear that more money is earned with chlorine in the long run. Not only is the chlorine itself expensive, but also that the pool with the chlorine is destroyed after a long period of use. We want to protect you and your pool and trust in the INFINITAS vision system.

Advantages of the Infinitas water treatment system

  • Easy installation
  • No red eyes
  • Up to 85% savings potential compared to other systems
  • Child-safe and child-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No unpleasant smell or taste as with other processes
  • No injuries, burns or drying out of the skin
  • No dangerous chemicals that may be present as deposits of disinfection
  • No corrosion on the components that come into contact with water
  • Easy to use
  • As good as maintenance-free
  • Can be retrofitted at any time