Why is an open self-personality important

Openness: How open are you really?

In a fast-moving world, employees take it for granted again and again openness requires: openness to new tasks, other people and unusual ideas. A lot is required of one or the other, namely above all mental flexibility and courage. Many people initially encounter new things with skepticism - after all, you don't know what's behind it. And as long as certain empirical values ​​are missing, you don't want to take any risks. What openness means and what it brings you ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Definition: openness in psychology

The term openness (English = openness, open-mindedness) has different meanings. If a certain person is open to signals, it means that they are a general one Willingness to receive communication and experiences owns. She has the willingness to deal with a person or a thing with an open mind.

As receiver openness has these synonyms:

  • sympathy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Receptivity
  • attention
  • The joy of discovery
  • responsiveness
  • friendliness
  • interest
  • curiosity
  • curiosity
  • impartiality
  • alertness
  • accessibility

Psychology arranges the property openness together with extraversion, tolerance, conscientiousness and neuroticism as one of the five main dimensions of a personality to the five-factor model, Big Five called.

As Channel certain signals is openness (English = frankness) another word for:

  • sincerity
  • Clarity
  • honesty
  • Sincerity
  • Frankness
  • Straightness
  • Integrity
  • Frankness
  • truthfulness
  • truth

Here a rather carefree, frank nature is described, but that too brutal honesty tends to alienate some contemporaries. Keyword: I can't wear such cheap fumble, but it looks great on you ...

A personality trait with a future

Psychology often certifies people with high openness values ​​a active imaginationthat they clearly perceive their own feelings - positive and negative - and are interested in many personal and public events. So they are ...

  • inventive
  • willing to experiment
  • intellectually
  • artistically interested
  • curious
  • imaginative
  • inquisitive

Those who have a strong expression of this character trait are often less adapted, questions existing norms and can more easily adapt to unusual social, ethical and political values. They free themselves from the opinions of others and often behave unconventionally.

Her curiosity leaves her try out new ways of doing things and variety is always welcome, as routine is terrible for them.

Conversely, people who only have one weak openness have; they are rather conservative, conventional and cautious. They prefer the known and tried and tested, they value traditions. Condemnation of those who are different and a certain uptightness can result.

Quotes Openness: Required, but not always welcome

  • Openness is a luxury of freedom that can only be afforded by those who have enough strength not only for the consequences, but also for possible abuse. (Christa Schyboll)
  • Those who are open to everything - nothing remains closed to them. (Klaus Ender)
  • Openness is a key that can open many doors. (Ernst Ferstl)
  • We are so used to hiding from others that we end up hiding from ourselves. (François VI. Duc de La Rochefoucauld)
  • Openness always deserves recognition. (Otto Eduard Leopold Prince von Bismarck)
  • I honor your openness as well as your courage and generosity. But are only virtues where they belong. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • We appreciate people who express their opinion freshly and openly - provided they mean the same thing as us. (Mark Twain)

Openness as an essential feature in the workplace

As I said, there is also openness as a form of directness that reveals more than is good for the person. Because too much openness in your job can cost you head and neck.

The kind of openness that we mean here, namely as a personality trait of the Big Five, can be seen in the job of great benefit be. This will become apparent at the latest when you decide on a job that calls for creative thinking and a flexible mindset.

Classically, this is especially true in the Advertising, research, and the arts the case. Someone with low openness values, on the other hand, will feel comfortable in jobs where routine and less creativity are the order of the day.

If you are currently struggling with your job, it is worth considering whether it Comes close to your personality?

Psychological tests for self-analysis

Here we have compiled a large number of psychological tests that can give you an initial orientation to the most important questions.

The five-factor model is also suitable for External descriptionFor HR managers, this means that they can use personality profiles to determine which character type would suit the company particularly well.

Personality tests that are based on the Big Five are just as good at gaining a better understanding of the different characters to win in a team. This knowledge is valuable if you want to restructure work areas, but it is also suitable for developing individual potential.

The Big Five are also suitable for selecting suitable managers. Because usually there are characteristics such as increased emotional resilience, greater intellectual openness, Agility, less concession, willingness to make decisions and willingness to take risks are important. Which personality profile is ultimately required by a manager depends on the company and the area of ​​activity itself.

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