Are lawyers considered doctors

Law firm for medical liability law in Erlangen

Mistakes are human - doctors are human! But often it is not small human errors that patients in hospitals bitterly feel, but far-reaching wrong decisions up to and including doctors' botch. Whether surgical errors, treatment errors or birth defects: You are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering!

The specialist lawyers at the Hummelmann law firm in Erlangen will help you to ensure that extensive medical treatment errors are adequately compensated and compensated for.

Medical malpractice, what's next?

After a proven malpractice and doctor botch, patients are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Without a specialist lawyer, the suffering patients usually have no chance against the insurer. Not only because the jurisprudence on this topic often judges differently, but also because some insurers - especially in the case of large claims - delay or reject regulations altogether.

It is legally stipulated that a doctor or hospital as the cause of damage has to be paid if damage to health has been proven due to a malpractice. So immediately consult a competent and professional legal advisor who will explain the possibilities and further steps to you in a consultation. Our law firm Hummelmann from Erlangen already has experience in this area

Compensation after medical liability case

Each case must be considered individually and holistically. Tables for compensation for pain and suffering cannot provide any real information when it comes to the amount of compensation in medical liability cases. Depending on the severity of the impact, the amount can go into the six or seven-digit range. In addition to compensation, compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, maintenance and other reimbursement of costs can also be claimed.