Safe to smoke thanks to vapes

Concrete leads to the cause of lung disease from e-cigarettes in the US

In the search for the exact cause of hundreds of lung diseases after consuming e-cigarettes, the US authorities are apparently following specific leads. Of 514 patients surveyed, 77 percent said they had consumed products with the cannabis active ingredient THC with their e-cigarettes, Anne Schuchat from the CDC recently announced.

Only 16 percent of those surveyed stated that they only smoked nicotine products. The CDC had already announced in the past that many of the sufferers had consumed THC products. But now she gave specific figures for the first time. Another trace emerged from the black market brand Dank Vapes.

Possible Cause

In the US states of Illinois and Wisconsin, where the incidence of lung diseases after consuming e-cigarettes was first noticed, 66 percent of those surveyed had bought these products. At the beginning of September, the state of New York also named this brand as a possible cause of the diseases.

In the past few months, 805 people in the USA developed lung diseases after consuming e-cigarettes. Many of them had to be treated in an intensive care unit and twelve patients died. Those affected are mostly male and young. Half of the patients are under 23 years old, said Schuchat. However, your authority "does not yet know exactly what makes people sick". According to his own statements, Schuchat expects further deaths.

Great popularity

Electronic cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is vaporized, have grown enormously in popularity in the United States and in many other countries in recent years. In the meantime, however, the authorities are increasingly intervening. Earlier this week, Massachusetts became the first US state to impose a temporary ban on all e-cigarettes. The Californian metropolis of San Francisco had already issued a corresponding ban in July.

The states of Michigan and New York recently banned flavored e-cigarettes - electronic cigarettes with sweet or menthol-tasting additives are particularly popular with young people. The Los Angeles District Council stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. (APA, October 1, 2019)