In which country is red rice grown?

  • Organically grown Rosso Integrale
  • Whole grain rice with a naturally red color
  • From the Italian Piedmont
  • Strong aroma
  • A specialty in terms of appearance and taste
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This is what distinguishes our organic red rice


Its special earthy flavor makes our red rice a real delicacy. The strong one Whole grain flavor goes wonderfully with Salads, Rice pans or as a special visual and flavorful accompaniment Fish-, Flesh- and Vegetable dishes. A real specialty!


The Long grain is up to 7mm long when uncooked. His red coloring wears it whole Naturally in the genome and does not receive this from the clayey soil in cultivation or a fermentation process.


The red rice is right relaxed and its more typical of whole grain rice firm bite complements every dish with a wonderful "crunch". Ciao Sticky Rice!

What distinguishes it and how does it taste?
Find out everything you need to know about our red rice here! We give you information about the grain, consistency, taste, origin and preparation. Try our red rice: https: // ... It will convince you, because its earthy flavor and red color make it a great side dish in terms of taste and appearance. Red rice and many other delicious rice varieties are available in our shop ► https: // ... You want to find out more about the different rice varieties? Then click here ► ... For even more inspiration you can find the best rice recipes in our Reishunger recipe book ► .. .
Whole grain rice in the digital rice cooker
You're hungry for whole grain rice but don't know how to cook it properly. We'll show you how to make your whole grain rice perfectly in the digital rice cooker! ???????? FULL GRAIN = FULL NUTRIENTS All whole grains are unpeeled rice. Unpeeled means that the grain is still covered by a fiber-rich silver membrane under which a seedling rich in vital substances sits. On the one hand, whole grain rice makes you full longer and on the other hand it also contains more vitamins and minerals. ???? RICE-WATER RATIO When cooking, the main difference to white, peeled rice varieties is the cooking time. In comparison, the whole grain often takes twice as long. In addition, more water is required, as the bowl absorbs significantly more liquid. That is why whole grains are cooked with a rice-water ratio of 1: 1.75 to 1: 2.5. PREPARATION IN THE DIGITAL RICE COOKER For 2 servings you need 2 cups of rice. We show the preparation with our wholegrain basmati rice. The rice-water ratio in the DRK for whole grains is 1: 2, so you need 4 cups of water. If you are unsure, you will find the exact information in your operating instructions (if you are preparing the rice in a pot, the rice-water ratio is 1: 2.5). ???? First of all, wash the whole grain rice well 2-3 times to rinse off any excess starch. ???? Then put the rice in the inner pot of the digital rice cooker along with the water and a pinch of salt. ???? Now close the lid and use the mode button to select the "Fine" area in the display. You can now select the whole grain program by pressing the "Fine" button twice. Now just press "Start" and the cooking process begins. ???? When it beeps, your rice is ready. In this case, the 2 servings of whole grain Basmati took about 50 minutes. ???? Open the lid and enjoy your whole grain rice. RECIPES You can find delicious recipe ideas for all our wholegrain rice varieties in our Reishunger recipe book ► BASIC RECIPES The basic recipes for everything You can find our wholegrain rice varieties here ► DIGITAL RICE COOKER What else can you do with our digital one You can find out here ►
Whole grain rice: 5 healthy facts
Whole Grain Rice or White Rice? Both taste great, but which one is now healthier? Stay tuned, we'll sort it out quickly. ???? WHICH RICE IS WHOLE GRAIN? With “Whole Grain Basmati” and “Whole Grain Jasmine” it's obvious, but did you know that all colored varieties such as black, red and purple rice are also whole grain varieties? And don't forget the popular “natural rice”, which you may know as “brown rice”. Here you can find an overview of all our wholegrain rice varieties ► THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE Have all of these varieties one thing in common: They are not polished, as is the case with white rice varieties, but they keep their silver skin and the precious seedling. 5 FACTS WHY WHOLE GRAIN RICE IS HEALTHIER 1️⃣ WHOLE GRAIN RICE CONTAINS MORE NUTRIENTS Because the valuable surface layer and seedling are retained, whole grain rice varieties provide you with more vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids. For example, brown rice contains more magnesium, calcium, iron and B vitamins than its white grain counterparts. 2️⃣ WHOLE GRAIN RICE IS GOOD FOR DIGESTION The outer layers of the rice grain provide your body with important fiber. These promote and accelerate digestion, which stimulates the gastrointestinal tract properly. 3️⃣ WHOLE GRAIN RICE KEEPS SATISFIED LONGER The fiber also ensures that your feeling of fullness sets in faster and lasts longer. The ingested grains thicken in the stomach and fill it faster than low-fiber rice varieties. 4️⃣ WHOLE GRAIN RICE HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT WHOLE GRAIN RICE contains many complex carbohydrates that are more slowly broken down and absorbed by the body. As a result, your blood sugar level does not rise as quickly and cravings can be avoided. That is why whole grain rice is a popular food on the way to your dream body. 5️⃣ WHOLE GRAIN RICE DEWATERED Whole grain rice has a high potassium content and therefore has a dehydrating effect. Thus, it helps you detox and can reduce water retention in the body. COOK WHOLE GRAIN RICE CORRECTLY In this video you can find out how to properly prepare whole grain rice ► rice facts Get regular updates from us with UPDATES supply: Newsletter ►

“When we bring out a new rice, it is important to us that it also stands out from other rice varieties and thus brings real diversity. With the red rice it was a clear thing. It's visually and tastefully unique. "

Paddy, product manager

Over 500,000 customers love our rice


The red rice is grown under the best organic conditions in the Italian Piedmont cultivated. His grain is naturally red and is not treated artificially.

You can cook that with it!

Nutritional values ​​for 100 grams

hereof: saturated fatty acids

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The red rice is not only a delicacy in terms of taste, it also enhances every dish optically. Whether pure or mixed with other types of rice, this rice is definitely an eye-catcher and a pleasure to enjoy!

Origin of our red rice

Red rice is a specialty that is particularly popular with top French chefs. It originally comes from the Camargue in France, where it is grown in clayey soil. However, the cultivation area there is very limited, so that only small amounts can be cultivated annually. So that we can make each of you happy with a portion of red rice, we have decided to grow it from the family. That is why you can now get naturally red wholegrain organic Rosso Integrale from Piedmont.

This is how the rice gets its red color

Unlike some other red varieties, the rice does not get its color from the clayey soil in which it is grown. Instead, it is a type of rice that has its red color in its genome. Since the red color does not penetrate into the grain and is therefore limited to the outer skin, red rice is only available in unpolished whole grain form. So this rice is a real eye-catcher on the plate! The taste of the red rice is reminiscent of natural and wild rice with a nutty note. Our red rice is grown under the best organic conditions.

Preparation and use

Due to its wholegrain and earthy flavor, red rice is a true delicacy and can be used in many ways. After you've washed the rice twice, let it soak for 10 minutes. Cook with 2.5 times the amount of water on medium heat for about 40 minutes with the lid closed. You can now do a lot with the finished red rice. How about a rice salad? We can also recommend stuffed peppers or a Thai curry.

Risk of confusion: naturally red organic rice variety vs. fermented red rice

First of all: Our red rice is Not to ferment red rice! With us you get a 100% pure whole grain variety that does not have any harmful side effects.

Fermented red rice is said to reduce excessive blood lipid levels and work in a similar way to statins, as it contains the active ingredient monacolin K, which has the same structure as the cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin. Because of the monacolin K, this red mold rice is often found in dietary supplements for high cholesterol levels. However, these are often as dosed as drugs with lovastatin, which are only available in pharmacies with a prescription. However, taking too much of the cholesterol-lowering drug can also have negative side effects on your health.

You only understand train station? Never mind, because with our red rice you can just sit back and enjoy. There is no such thing as too high a dosage!