Where can we find birthstone jewelry online

What your birthstone tells you about your personality - and why you should wear the right jewelry now

Gemstones has always been ascribed an energetic and healing effect. The beauty industry has long since discovered this for itself and we rub our face with facial rollers made of rose quartz for more energy or add gemstones to the water, which should enrich it with valuable minerals. Now fashion is catching up: The latest jewelry hype is necklaces, rings and co. With colorful ones Birthstones. Regardless of whether you are personally interested in suitable pieces of jewelry, want to give your best friend something as a present, or even want a very special stone in your engagement ring: We will clarify which stone is the right one for whom - and what is yours Birthstone about your personality betrays.

Ruby? Sapphire? Or is it peridot? This is how you find your birthstone - and it tells you that about you

In contrast to the zodiac signs orientate themselves Birthstones - such as sapphire or amethyst - not on your birthday, but on the month. So it is very easy to find out which gemstone is right for you stone is:

The birthstone for January: red garnet

January stands for a new beginning, so it's no wonder that the garnet is considered a Birthstone Reinforced properties that are important for this: The garnet is the gemstone of the structure and should contribute to the fact that new opportunities arise for the wearer. The garnet also stands for strength and durability. Fits wonderfully with the characteristics of January children who can act very goal-oriented and think logically - the garnet is supposed to reinforce this.

The birthstone for February: amethyst

People born in February are said to have a very creative streak and a lively manner. Her gemstone is the violet amethyst, which on the one hand promotes creativity, but is also supposed to help calm down and maintain peace with one's fellow human beings. By the way: Due to its deep purple, which is reminiscent of wine, the February birthstone amethyst was often associated with drunkenness in ancient Rome - and, based on the intoxication, is supposed to provide more relaxation.

The birthstone for March: aquamarine

March is assigned the ice-blue aquamarine, which seafarers in particular used to wear for more serenity. All those born in March are said to have a particularly balanced species. The aquamarine stone is said to reinforce this inner calm even more. In addition, the aquamarine is not only the stone of seafarers, but of travelers in general and is intended to ensure safety, stamina and courage.

The birthstone for April: diamond

The diamond is the gemstone that is highly regarded in our society as it is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. The white diamond stands for invincibility, purity and power. It should help the wearer to fend off toxic energies and stress and ensure a strong self-confidence. Thus, the diamond is perfect for everyone who celebrates their birthday in April, because they are said to be very goal-oriented and always keep a clear head - the diamond has a positive effect on this.

The birthstone for May: emerald

Love, friendship, loyalty: the green emerald stands for all of this. All those who have their birthday in May should be particularly empathetic based on the emerald and always have an open ear for their friends or partners. In addition, they are often relationship and family people. In keeping with this, the green emerald symbolizes the blossoming of nature in May and the associated fertility.

The birthstones for June: alexandrite, pearl and moonstone

Three gemstones embody June: the moonstone, the pearl and the alexandrite. Not having to make a decision suits the very adventurous and energetic June-born. They are full of zest for action, which the pearl is ideally suited for, as it is supposed to bring luck. It is also the “stone of righteousness” and is intended to help the truth come to light. The gemstones alexandrite and moonstone have a similar effect, which are supposed to sharpen their own intuition - an important property for June children who tend to be spontaneous.

The birthstone for July: ruby

The blood-red ruby ​​is also known as the “Stone of Kings” - and therefore goes wonderfully with all July birthday children. Because sometimes they like to be little drama queens. They are very passionate people and the ruby ​​also stands for passion. But the gemstone should also give the wearer more courage, prosperity and drive.

The birthstone for August: peridot

The light green peridot gemstone is said to protect its wearer from evil and nightmares and to help transform negative energies into positive energies. Thus, the peridot protects the natural serenity of all August birthday children, who are particularly characterized by their warm-heartedness and open manner.

The birthstone for September: sapphire

The deep blue sapphire, like the aquamarine, also stands for more serenity, as the gemstone should help to restore inner peace. In keeping with the sapphire, people born in September tend to be more deliberate by nature and stay relaxed even in stressful situations. In addition, the sapphire is the stone of empathy and should ensure good interaction with other people.

The birthstone for October: opal and tourmaline

Two birthstones are assigned to October. The more widespread opal is said to ensure peace, protect against misfortune and strengthen memory. Good for those born in October who are said to have an alert mind - both in logic and creativity. The tourmaline stone is supposed to promote the latter in addition to the opal.

The birthstone for November: topaz and citrine

People born in November are very opinionated and assertive people - and should therefore surprisingly often make a career. The topaz gives them strength, while the citrine protects them from evil thoughts.

The birthstone for December: blue topaz, tanzanite and turquoise

The three birthstones of December shine in different shades of blue and have one thing in common: They are supposed to strengthen positive energies. Be it perseverance and assertiveness (turquoise), or luck, love and success (blue topaz) or even harmony and self-confidence (tanzanite). In keeping with the character of those born in December who are very positive, optimistic people.

From opal to emerald to turquoise: should only my birthstones help?

You were born in November, but urgently need new creativity? Your birthday is in May, but you finally want to relax? No problem: Of course you can wear any gemstone whose energetic effect you want to make your own. The right birthstone should just look particularly good.

Diamond, sapphire, peridot and more: where does the belief in birthstones actually come from?

That precious stones are ascribed a special meaning and healing powers was already the case in the Middle Ages and in traditional Chinese medicine. With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century (which we still use to this day!), Birthstones were assigned to each month, the effect of which is supposed to unfold best in that month and to have the greatest effect on the respective birthday children.

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