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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hippie tart

Created on 30. September 2016 by Herba

When I found the recipe for the homemade gluten-free tart, it was clear that I would definitely try it out. That's how it works:

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Collected Works

Created on 29. September 2016 by Herba

My blog planning is only theoretical at the moment. In practice, I had little time to write in the last four days and since I just ran out of prepared blog posts, today there are collected works from the Internet:

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The 'Nasse Pfote' swimming club

Created on 28. September 2016 by Herba

Sam, the family dog ​​is not necessarily the most talented swimmer on God's earth and he does not plunge into the water for two hours to fetch a toy like his friend Thorin, but in the summer a… Continue reading →

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Arte shows from 29.09. the first season of the British series 'Indian Summer'

Created on 27. September 2016 by Herba

India, 1932: As every year, the British colonial government fled the hot summer to Simla, a city at the foot of the Himalayas. Alice Whelan (Jemima West), who has just come from England with her baby, is also traveling there to have some time with… Continue reading →

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Die spinna, die Saupreißn!

Created on26. September 2016 by Herba

With reports like this, I really asked myself what the responsible office had just put through the air conditioning again ...

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Today before ...

Created on26. September 2016 by Herba

From time to time, like here at the beginning of August, I look back on my blog activities to see what topics I have already blogged about and how my blog, my writing style and myself have changed and would like to… Continue reading →

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Community blog project ‘Do something!’ - Reminder!

Created on 25. September 2016 by Herba

In the current joint blog project by Poe and myself, I was inspired by the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair and

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Music on Saturday # 59

Created on 24. September 2016 by Herba

When you're out with your dog very early on the weekend, like I was this morning, the world is still incredibly quiet and out of place

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