Squats make your thighs thinner

Finally slim legs: lose weight on the thigh

Finally slim legs and toned thighs

In addition to regular workouts, you can use a few simple tricks to ensure beautiful legs.
Here are our tips:

  1. Alternating showers: shower your buttocks and thighs cold in the morning. Set the water jet as hard as possible so that the pressure massages the connective tissue. The cold water makes thighs firmer and tired legs fit for the day.
  2. Scrubs with alkaline salt: after showering, spread some alkaline bath salt (ideally from the Dead Sea) between the palms of your hands and rub your bottom and thighs until the fine crystals have dissolved. Then take a warm shower and dab the moisture loosely with the towel.
  3. Self-massage with good creams: Apply a good lotion or cream. Products with salt from the Dead Sea, e.g. B. a body butter. Massage these in carefully using circular or pinching motions. This promotes blood circulation and stimulates lymph flow.

Do you want to lose even more weight on your thighs?

Of course, Lea has a few great exercises ready, which you can combine with the squats from this video.

  1. Stair squats
  2. Surfersquats
  3. Running ABC
  4. Fat burner exercise

Have fun with the new leg training - you will love the tuning of your "chassis"