Which health insurance covers pregnancy?

The health insurance company will assume the costs

Midwifery help can be used by every woman.
Statutory health insurance covers, among other things. the costs for the preventive medical check-ups by the midwife and the costs for the birth preparation course for the expectant mother (maximum 14 hours). The course fee for the partner is not covered by the statutory health insurance and must be paid privately.

At Home births and outpatient births The statutory health insurance pays the necessary costs through a freelance (occupational) midwife. It is best to inquire about this with your health insurance company before the birth. At Hospital births billing is usually carried out directly between the hospital and the health insurance company.

After the birth, you are entitled to full coverage Midwifery help. Your midwife will visit your home at least once a day up to the 10th day.

You can contact your midwife an additional 16 times until your child is twelve weeks old.
If complications arise, such as breastfeeding problems, statutory health insurance pays additional home visits from the midwife on prescription.

Privately insured persons should clarify with their health insurance company the scope of the coverage of costs for midwifery assistance.

At Regression coursesthat are offered by a midwife or a physiotherapist, the statutory health insurance covers the costs for up to ten hours. However, the course must have started by the fourth month after the birth and completed by the ninth month after the birth.

The availment of a Family midwife is usually financed by the youth welfare office until the child's first birthday. The pregnant woman or mother then does not have to take care of the costs.