Is the basement flooding covered by homeowner insurance?

Buildings insurance benefits

Broken glass

Broken windows and panes are also covered by building insurance. However, the insurance cover does not apply to every damage. Only costs caused by the risks stipulated in the insurance, such asStorm, hail, fire and tap water arise. For all other cases of damage, homeowners can take out glass insurance. However, this is quite expensive and only pays off with large window areas such as a winter garden.


AlsoSolar power systemscan be covered by building insurance. Then reimbursement of these costs, for example caused by a direct lightning strike. However, it makes more sense to take out special photovoltaic insurance. Because this also pays if the system is damaged by an indirect lightning strike or short circuit.

Compensation for vandalism

Many home insurance policies cover the housevandalismand graffiti. Damage caused by vandalism in particular is an unnecessary financial burden. For example, some residential building insurers offer to reimburse costs through security companies. If interested parties value these services, it is worth taking a closer look at the insurance conditions to check the specific scope of services.