Dettol is an Indian brand

Reckitt Benckiser uses display ads to expand its target group

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) specializes in health and hygiene products. The product portfolio in India includes ubiquitous brands such as Dettol (antiseptic hand wash), Durex (condoms), Strepsils (lozenges for sore throats) and Harpic (toilet cleaner). Veet is a leading global hair removal brand with a presence in more than 80 countries and the largest market share in home hair removal in India. Veet's leadership is based on constant innovation to meet the beauty needs of women around the world.

RB aimed to expand Veet's hair removal cream portfolio by increasing reach and brand awareness with new customers.

With display ads, RB was able to reach users interested in hair removal creams. In order to attract new customers, previous buyers and prospects were excluded from Veet-Creme, whereby each sale led to an expansion of the customer base. The “Buy two, pay one” special offer should also serve to promote conversion.

- Jennifer Jacob, eCommerce Brand Manager, RB

The strategy has paid off: thanks to their display ads, RB achieved a 30% increase in new customer acquisition rate compared to the previous months for hair removal creams from Veet. They also recorded an increase in sales of 14% compared to the initial value. In addition, every purchase of Veet Creme was crucial in connection with the advertisement.