Why doesn't Schweinsteiger play for Manchester United

Bastian Schweinsteiger and his commitment : Out of false loyalty to Manchester United

Bastian Schweinsteiger is really a very loyal employee. Although he has been involved in wicked professional football for many years, he still takes contracts seriously and does not see them as non-binding declarations of intent. That was also the case in his best years as a footballer, when he always turned down all advances from even bigger clubs - because he felt particularly close to FC Bayern Munich. It was only when he got the feeling that Bayern no longer wanted him with inner conviction that he was able to bring himself to move to Manchester United a year ago.

In short, Schweinsteiger is not someone who changes clubs year after year. He has now made that clear again. He announced on Twitter that Manchester United would be the last club in Europe he would play for.

In view of the current situation, one can understand this sentence quite differently from the way it was meant. The chance that Schweinsteiger will play for another club, wherever, appears to be greater than the one that he will play again under United's new coach José Mourinho. The joy of the clear commitment to his employer should be limited in Manchester - especially now, as there were rumors that the high earner Schweinsteiger might be silently deported to Juventus Turin.

One can interpret Schweinsteiger's brief statement to mean that he is planning a continuation of his career in the USA. Above all, however, it should be interpreted in such a way that he just doesn't let everything go with him, that United can't just chase him off the court, but that he would really like to decide for himself how his life will go on.

Somebody like Bastian Schweinsteiger simply deserved it.

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