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Vibration (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Vi | b | ra | ti | on, Plural: Vi | b | ra | ti | o | nen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [vibʁaˈt͡si̯oːn]
Word meaning / definition:
1) the vibration; Vibration, shock
Origin of the term:
late Latinvibratio, too Latinvibrare and in high German from vibrate
1) Tremors, tremors, shaking, vibrations, shocks, wobbling, surges, tremors
colloquial: Wobble
derogatory: Shaking, shaking
Physics:Oscillation, tangential movement, vertical movement
General terms:
1) movement
Subordinate terms:
1) Cell phone vibration, smartphone vibration
Application examples:
1) The vibration the washing machine drove the neighbor insane.
1) The Vibrations her massage stick drove the woman into ecstasy.
Typical word combinations:
1) in vibrationoffset
Word formations:
1) low-vibration, vibration-free
1) Vibration alarm, low vibration, vibration device, vibration massage, vibration damage, vibration perception
Nominative: singular vibration; Plural Vibrations
Genitive: singular vibration; Plural Vibrations
Dative: singular vibration; Plural Vibrations
Accusative: singular vibration; Plural Vibrations


  • English: 1) vibration
  • Esperanto: 1) vibracio, vibrado
  • French: 1) vibration (Female)
  • Italian: 1) vibrazione
  • Catalan: 1) vibració (Female)
  • Portuguese: 1) vibração (Female)
  • Romanian: 1) vibrație (Female)
  • Swedish: 1) vibration
  • Spanish: 1) vibración (Female)
  • Czech: 1) vibrace (Female)
  • Turkish: 1) vibrasyon

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

In the future, explosions, laser bombardment or the clang of swords should not only be on the screen, but also via vibration be perceptible. At least that's what streaming giant Netflix is ​​planning as part of the so-called 'Project Rumble Pak'.
CHIP Online, June 24, 2019

Behind Razer's vibrating headphones, mice and chairs is a company from Berlin: Lofelt produces the actuators that use audio signals vibration to be brought.
Golem.de, April 02, 2019

Lenny Kravitz will set his “Rise vibration Tour ”continues and will also be available in German-speaking countries as part of this.
LooMee TV, December 01, 2018

'It has a vibration and smoke given, but no fire was noticed, 'a company spokesman told Reuters. The extinguishing devices had started because of the smoke development.
RT German, October 02, 2018

Everyone who has once received the vibration a violin, cello or double bass, the chance to make music together. And that without ever having played a string instrument before.
Kölnische Rundschau, February 6, 2019

Smoveys are not just good mooders, they are sports equipment. Behind it are steel balls that move in a corrugated tube and thereby create a vibration produce.
NDR, July 26, 2020

A smart walking stick that sounds the alarm; a pillow that a missed call via vibration reports: You can not only borrow books from the Castrop-Rauxel City Library.
RuhrNachrichten.de, December 11, 2019

The Playstation 5 comes with a new gamepad that has received a technical upgrade: Precise vibration and adaptive triggers convince when playing.
heise online, October 31, 2020

If you cross the new central barrier line, noise and worry vibration for drawing the driver's attention to what is happening on the road, says the state of Tyrol.
Krone.at, May 22, 2020

Instead of pure vibration the Womanizer works with pressure waves. They gently suck in the clitoris instead of just stimulating it. The result is said to be fabulous. Time for CHIP to check it out.
CHIP, November 12, 2019

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • vibration: violent, repeated shocks of the ground; Feeling badly upset / affected by something
  • Shaking
  • vibration: periodic process generated by a repulsive force; elegant curvature
  • Push: jerky movement with which an object hits another object; Amount of items placed on top of each other in a stack; Technology Point at which components meet with their end faces; Physics Meeting of two bodies with the transfer of momentum or kinetic energy between them; Tailoring the sewn edge of the skirt hem; hunter-linguistically the tail of the game bird; Card games, Schafkopf: Contra (Bavarian)

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uvula:… Terms: 1) Articulation organ Application examples: 1) The so-called "uvula- [R]" (rear [R]) is formed by vibration of the uvula. Derived words: 1) uvular ...

Suppositories:… 3) Medicinal application examples: 2) The so-called "suppository [R]" (rear [R]) is formed by vibration of the suppository. 3) It was causing him problems, the uvula ...

vibration: vibration (English) Part of speech: noun Hyphenation:?, plural:? Pronunciation / emphasis: IPA: [vaɪˈbreɪʃən], plural: […] Word meaning / definition: 1) Vibration ...

rovibronic: Spectroscopy: With reference to the rotation, vibration and electrodynamic states and properties of a molecule Origin of the term: Made-up word from rotation, vibration and electronic Application examples: 1) The emission spectrum of a gas provides information about its rovibronic states

Membranofon: Music: Instrument in which the sound is generated by a membrane made to vibrate. Superordinate terms: 1) Musical instrument Subordinate terms: 1) Drum, timpani Application examples: 1) The membranophones include drums and timpani

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