What is your favorite pantone color

Favorite colors: Pantone #Butttercup

Who determines the trend colors?

The Pantone Color Institute takes a close look at current color influences and trends.

The color experts shed light on a wide variety of areas, such as the fashion and film industry, the art and travel scene as well as industrial and technical developments. Current trend colors are selected, which among other things will influence the design of the interior.

For spring 2016, Pantone #Buttercup 12-0752 was selected as one of 10 trend colors.

A fresh and lively shade of yellow that can be easily transferred to industrial design, furnishings and interiors.

And the best - Kolorat mixes your PANTONE color as a wall paint and varnish.

Since Kolorat already has a large selection of colors in its range, you will not initially find a large overview of the PANTONE tones in our products. However, many are feasible and that's why we tell you how to order your PANTONE color quickly and easily from Kolorat online.

Order PANTONE color online from Kolorat - this is how it works

1. Find the color name and number [e.g. Pantone #Buttercup 12-0752]
2. Create your Kolorat customer account so that we can store your Pantone tone for you.
3. Send an email to [email protected] with the color name and your desired product [e.g. Wall inside, strong, 7.5L].
4. Kolorat determines the feasibility of your Pantone color and sends you an email with all further details.

Write us an email - we look forward to it!

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