What do you wear to training

Translation of "Are you wearing" in Italian

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indossi porti


Are you wearing always jewelry when training?
Endorsement semper i gioielli quando ti alleni?
Are you wearing the shirt because of a bet?
Quella maglietta la indossi perché hai perso una scommessa?
Are you wearing your hair always like this
Quindi it so porti i capelli normalmente, a incorniciare il volto,
Are you wearing no underwear under your corduroy pants?
Non porti le mutande sotto quei pantaloni a coste?
Why are you wearing no more scarves?
Are you wearing is that why he is upside down?
Per questo lo indossi al contrario?
Are you wearing same suit as yesterday?
Endorsement lo stesso completo di ieri?
Are you wearing always handcuffed around with you?
Ti porti semper dietro le manette?
Are you wearing Suspenders or pantyhose?
Porti le calze o i collant?
Are you wearing always sunglasses at night?
Porti semper gli occhiali da sole anche di notte?
Are you wearing ever folders, right here?
Porti may delle cartelle proprio qui sotto?
Are you wearing your joke with you?
Porti lo spirito appeso al fianco?
Are you wearing a ski hat with imitation dreadlocks?
Endorsement Un have sci con fini rasta?
Are you wearing that around with you every day?
Porti tutto con te ogni giorno?
Are you wearing a slip, Mae?
Le porti le mutande, Mae?
Are you wearing not the pajamas from me?
Non porti il pigiama che ti ho regalato?
Are you wearing so what is always around with you?
Porti semper questa roba con te?
Are you wearing the uniform to tell us something, Grace?
Endorsement l'uniforme perché vuoi dimostrare qualcosa, Grace?
And now are you wearing her uniform.
E adesso do ... indossi la loro uniform.
Why are you wearing this golden cross?
Endorsement quella croce d'oro. Perché?
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