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With the help of our platform, foresters, forest owners and volunteers will jointly plant 100 million trees over the next few years.
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  • So far 75,450 trees have been planted
Healthy forest is important.

It binds CO2 in the ground and in the trees and is therefore a major component in the fight against climate change. At the same time, it is a habitat for many animal species and serves as a recreational area. Large parts of the forest in Germany are in a worrying state. The drought of recent years, increasing pest infestation and more frequent storms have resulted in huge areas of damage.

Experts agree that our forests must be reforested with climate-stable mixed forests. But in many places there is a lack of personnel who can carry out the necessary reforestation. This is where our platform comes in!

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Afforestation is climate protection

In this video, Greta Thunberg, climate activist from Sweden, and George Monbiot, British activist and journalist, explain the “magic machine” tree. With German subtitles and kind permission of the director Tom Mustill.

What does afforestation actually mean? What exactly is done during a reforestation campaign?
In forestry, afforestation means the planting of trees or the sowing of seeds with the aim of foresting. During the reforestation days of the respective foresters and forest owners, which are shown on the platform, you have the opportunity to plant seedlings in the ground in a group and under professional instruction or to dig holes for these seedlings over a large area. As many as you can, at your own pace. You plant tree by tree against climate change. The last few months have shown again that every tree counts.
Which types of trees are planted? Will these withstand climate change?
Since the climate in Germany is also changing faster than conservative forecasts have predicted, the foresters are carefully examining which tree species can best grow locally in each case. Forest ecosystems are complex. In addition to the climatic conditions, other factors, such as the type of soil, must be considered when planting. The forest people and forest owners on site are the experts. That is why they decide what is planted where. They also buy the seedlings. Please do not bring your own seedlings to the reforestation days.
What do I need to be there?
That depends on where and on what day you take part. If you are interested in a certain planting campaign and call up the information text on this campaign on the homepage, you will already be shown which aids (such as spades) should be brought with you, if possible. In general, we recommend that you dress appropriately for the weather, bring gardening or work gloves and wear sturdy shoes. Planting trees means physical work in the fresh air.
Is it okay if I bring someone with me?
Every single helper is needed to plant as many trees as possible. However, it is important that the foresters and forest owners know how many helpers will come to plan accordingly. The registration form for the respective planting campaign must therefore be filled out.
How can I prepare?
Please watch the following explanatory video before the planting campaign. In this, experts from the Bavarian State Forests show how seedlings are properly planted in the ground. Also ask the organizers and experts on site if you are unsure.

You can find out what you should consider when planting from a professional here.

The forest.
Our CO2-Storage.

That says...

“Somebody has to pick up the plant and put it in the ground. A huge mistake has happened in the last 25 years: Around 50 percent of the forest staff has been cut. Forest rangers and forest workers are absent everywhere. There's no point just paying compensation and buying plants if you don't have the staff to do the reforestation. " More here.
ULRICH DOHLESfor 25 years in Kaarz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and federal chairman of the Association of German Foresters
“I took part in a planting campaign last fall. It was a lot of fun! The forester showed us how to plant the seedlings so that the tree grows well. It was a nice feeling to do something for the environment and I met really nice people. "
“I'm actually an IT consultant and live in Berlin. For 4 years I have owned 6 hectares of forest in the Bamberg area. After the hot summers of 2018 and 2019, I looked at the inventory again and was appalled by the extent of the damage since the takeover. I cannot manage reforestation on my own, which is why I hope to get help from this platform. "
JÜRGEN Private forest owner
Reforestation poses challenges for him

Our partners

We work with the Federation of German Foresters (BDF), the Working Group of German Forest Owners' Associations (AGDW), the Protection Association of German Forests (SDW) at federal and state level and the German Forest Youth (DWJ). They support Deutschland Forstet Auf with technical questions and with their various networks.

It's about consideration

Since our projects are in the fresh air, they can take place. The prerequisite for this is compliance with the hygiene concept.

These are the most important points:
  • Not with colds to the project
  • Maintain a minimum distance
  • Adhere to the sneeze and cough label
  • Disinfect shared tools