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What should I watch out for if I take a backpack with me as hand luggage?

The airplane is not only considered to be the safest means of transport, but is also the first choice for many to get to your destination as quickly and comfortably as possible. More and more business people, as well City breaker give way to the Short haul out. The only negative point here is the luggage: If you are unlucky, it will not even arrive at your destination, or it will take a lot of time at the airport when you check in or later when you pick it up at the baggage carousel. It is therefore advisable to use hand luggage on short journeys, whichever comfortably taken on the plane can be. Without any annoying waiting! A backpack is particularly suitable for this. We have created a few tips on what to consider when the backpack is used as hand luggage.

Well packed is half the battle

Packing a suitcase optimally is a big challenge. Therefore, especially with hand luggage, particular attention should be paid to the fact that the permitted dimensions of the luggage, which many German airlines use Dimensions 20 x 40 x 50 cm is, perfectly used and the permitted weight (usually between 6 to 8 kg) is not exceeded. However, you should inquire about the dimensions and weight of the airline in advance, because these safety information differ from one airline to another.

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Not all rucksacks are created equal

But not only the properly packed rucksack can be used as hand luggage without any problems. Choosing the right model can also be of great help - and an advantage. Therefore, note the following things:

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  • special backpacks: Foldable backpacks are a particularly good tip. With these, a lot of space and weight can be saved. Furthermore, it can be used optimally to expand luggage.
  • soft material: Make sure that the backpack is made of a rather soft material in addition to the given dimensions. On the one hand, the backpack is easier to carry as hand luggage, but at the same time it is easier to slide it into the hand luggage compartment.
  • roll: Even if it is so comfortable that there are rolls on the luggage: Please never have rolls on a backpack that is to be used as hand luggage. These backpacks not only steal weight, they also take up a lot of space at the same time.

Also, make sure that the backpack doesn't have too many buckles, straps or side pockets. These are just space killers and unnecessarily expand the volume of the backpack.

How do I get the most out of the backpack?

As mentioned earlier, a well-packed backpack is half the battle. Since every centimeter should be used with hand luggage, it is advisable to make a list in advance of which things actually have to be in the backpack. Depending on what the trip looks like (business trip or short vacation), you should also consider what is really needed or what you can perhaps do without. The saves a lot of space and weight in the end!

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What is allowed, what is not?

This applies especially to air traffic strict safety rulesto be adhered to. So here are a few tips on what to watch out for when taking hand luggage:

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technical thingsAlmost no one can do without a smartphone and tablet these days. When traveling by air, it should be ensured that the devices are removed from hand luggage during the security check and placed separately on the belt. In addition, always keep charging cables and other accessories together.
liquidsClearly, a journey cannot start without personal care products. However, it should be noted that there are restrictions on the amount of liquids that can be carried in hand luggage. These must not be exceeded under any circumstances and must be packed in separate transparent bags (available at the airport). You should therefore only pack the essentials of liquids in the backpack and missing items can be found on site or many hotels now have small care sets in the rooms.
to eat and drinkFood and drinks can be taken in hand luggage to a limited extent. For drinks, please pay attention to the restrictions on liquids again. When it comes to eating, things look completely different again. Different rules apply here for the respective country where the journey is going. Fruit, meat and cheese are therefore on a red list in many countries and may not be taken with you. Cookies and chocolate, on the other hand, are usually not a problem.

Conclusion: A backpack as hand luggage is comfortable

If you travel with hand luggage, a backpack is a very good choice. The selection of different backpacks offers particularly compact dimensions that can be easily taken with you.

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Tip! If you pack your rucksack to save space, you can start your next journey without much worry.

Tip: Information on hand luggage on the airlines' website

If you want to be sure how much hand luggage and in what size your airline allows, you should take a look at the information on the airlines' individual websites.

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What should I watch out for if I take a backpack with me as hand luggage?
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