Which countries are in South America

Your trip to South America - which countries are suitable for entry

The South American continent unites some of the world's most fascinating travel destinations. Breathtaking natural landscapes, imposing cultural monuments and pulsating metropolises in countries like Peru, Argentina, Chile or Colombia ensure an unforgettable trip.

Language skills are essential for beginners on a trip to South America

More than 20,000 people live on the more than 17 million square kilometer subcontinent of South America 400 million people. It is the Andes mountain range which is one more than 7500 kilometers long connection between northern and southern countries. While on the eastern side there is a tropical climate with heavy rainfall, arid weather conditions determine the western part. Travelers will find many in individual countries in South America Savannah and steppe landscapes as subpolar conditions in front.

Written and spokenlanguages are, however, of a uniform nature in large parts of South America. Except for the Portuguese language, which is spoken in Brazil, applies Spanish in several South American countries as Official language. For travelers to Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile or Ecuador, it pays off to learn Spanish through relevant lessons. Even during the trip to South America, the effective and location-independentLearning methods from language experts like Babbel. Beginners also benefit from this on their first long-distance trip through South America. You learn in a short time thanks to simple daily tasks in addition Spanish basic vocabulary also the spanish grammar.

Argentina as an inexpensive and infrastructural well-developed travel destination for beginners

Argentina, that second largest country in South America, is a recommendable holiday destination for South America beginners for several reasons. On the one hand, it impresses with its beautiful landscapes as well as the natural diversity in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. At the same time, the country offers a comparatively well developed infrastructure. A trip to Argentina comes especially for the following Entry-level travel types into consideration:


  • If you like to travel spontaneously and don't want to plan your South America trip months in advance, Argentina is in good hands.
  • If you want to get to know an unusual, yet European culture in South America, you should also travel to Argentina.
  • For individual trips, which are self-organized, Argentina is a suitable travel destination without restrictions.
  • Backpackers who travel through the country with a fully packed travel backpack benefit from the excellent infrastructure. Tourist buses are in almost everyone Corner of the country Also for spontaneous overnight stays is taken care of thanks to the large number of hotels.

Among the must-sees in the country cultural as naturalTourist Attractions. As a lively metropolis, Buenos Aires offers everything for an exciting city trip. If you travel to the beautiful city, you will come to one high-energy mate tea not over with locals. As starting point For tours steeped in history on the other hand offers the port of St. Julian at. Fernando Magellan's fleet wintered here during the 1519 first circumnavigation. The subsequent circumnavigator Francis Drake also stationed at the natural port of Patagonia.

As a highlight for Photographers and Nature enthusiasts It is worth taking a detour to the subtropical, Atlantic rainforest in Iguazú National Park. Lush vegetation and species-rich fauna create the habitat for numerous animal species such as howler monkeys, jaguars and anteaters. The most impressive natural spectacle reveals itself to observers on the border with Brazil. There are the 2700 meters wide Iguazu Falls. Accessible via countless bridges and paths, the impressive waterfalls inspire creative photo shoots or quiet moments of silence. To one waterproof camera cover is to be thought in any case. The Iguazú waterfalls can also be explored by boat. Since the current is unsteady and strong in some places, such a trip is mainly for Active tourists and Water sports enthusiasts in question.

Chile - a natural paradise full of deserts and glaciers

4275 kilometers separate the far north of Chile from the storm-shattered Cape Horn to the south. The scenicdiversity makes one of the longest countries in the world the ideal travel destination for adventurous individual travelers. On the “Carreta Austral”, travelers meander past fjords, glaciers, volcanoes or huge forest landscapes. In the midst of numerous attractions, hectic civilization is forgotten for a moment. The one located in the north radiates a fascinating beauty Atacama Desert out. It has been recorded for several decades no rainwhich makes it one of the driest regions in the world.

Further overwhelming natural diversity reveal themselves to South America beginners in the southern part of the country. In the Chilean part of Patagonia, they alternate picturesque fjords with mighty Glaciers and majestic waterfalls from. Among the natural wonders that are worth seeing are the Chilean national parks. For example the Torres del Paine, which has long been considered a classic for outdoor and trekking vacationers. They gave him his name huge stone towerswhich rise in the middle of the glaciers and lakes. A beautiful photographic playing field opens the as more isolated and more mysterious Place known Easter island. Your moai statues - once considered religious Devotion to ancestor worship built - have been offering a for centuries impressive picturePolynesian culture.

The following entry-level travel types should definitely visit Chile:

  • Photographers on the lookout for beautiful marine and statue motifs.
  • Nature enthusiasts who do not shy away from dry regions.
  • Individual travelers who consider spontaneous but safe travel to be important.

Magical cultural monuments in mysterious Peru

in the Land of the Incas There is astonishing things to discover for South America beginners. Machu Picchu, as an Inca citadel and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is and will remain the country's landmark. But the north of Peru has also been developing into a important tourist destination. Here, those new to South America get a comprehensive impression of the diversity of Peru. The world's fourth highest waterfall of the world, Gocta, impresses with its unique gradual flow through the natural landscape. The colonial legacy of Peru, on the other hand, is visible in the mountain-side town of Cajamarca. Who is the legendary (pre) history can not escape, should the mysterious desert lines of Nasca explore. Many myths and legends have grown up around the structures, which are up to 20 kilometers long. While some at one origin of early high cultures believe, suspect other extraterrestrial influences.

Overall, Peru is for History and culture enthusiasts the ideal country for beginners to discover the South American natural wonders.

Andes, coffee and the Caribbean in Colombia

Snow-capped peaks, traditional colonial cities, green rainforests: Colombia reveals everything to beginners South American versatility. In the north of the country, paradisiacal Caribbean beaches and the colonial city of Cartagena invite you to linger. Central Colombia, on the other hand, is characterized as fertile highlands with more moderate temperatures. The south of the country is dominated by San Augustine. Evidence of the early culture are still visible today monolithic rock and stone sculptures. For the more adventurous, the red one should Tatacoa desert, an area located near the equator is full massive, red rock formations, don't go unmentioned. Due to its cultural and scenic diversity, Colombia is the right travel destination for many South America beginners.

  • Active vacationers and surfer improve their sporting skills on the Caribbean coast.
  • Coffee lovers stroll into the Growing regionsQuindío, Risaralda or Caldas onSearching for traces of the coffee beans.
  • Nature and ecotourists visit the national parks of the country as well as the Amazon rainforest that extends around Leticia and Puerto Narino.

Cover photo / In the immediate vicinity of the impressive granite mountains, the Gray Glacier rises up with its 30-meter-high ice wall. / Photo: pixabay / ii7017

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