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According to the Wikipedia definition, luxury is something curious: the term comes from the Latin luxury, it says there. It means waste, i.e. behavior or equipment that goes beyond what is considered necessary or sensible in a society. And now it comes: "Luxury summarizes phenomena that are considered worthwhile for a large part of the reference group."

So so. Unnecessary, even pointless things. Waste. Is that supposed to be the luxury most of us seek?

Take the famous gold-plated steak for hundreds of euros. Is that a luxury? Most find it rather ridiculous. A gold leaf manufacturer recently estimated on WirtschaftsWoche Online: The gold on such a steak will have cost around 30 euros. If that were luxury, it would also be luxurious to shell out 1,500 euros for a liter of long-life milk. In both cases it's just a waste of money.

In Schwabach, people have been eating top quality for decades. Since the escapade of Bayern star Ribéry in Dubai, the precious metal has been very popular on the menu.

Nobody would roast a steak nicely at home, then cover it completely with gold leaf to feed it up alone. The gold leaf steak is simply there to show off. Today that is simply a regrettable expression of poor self-esteem. Like the dog leash studded with gems.

The type of gold leaf steak eater probably also likes to drive the Mercedes, which his sister has borrowed from his fiancé's cousin, at 100 km / h in the bus lane.

Gold leaf steak blingbling is embarrassing because, at least in the free western world, pure ostentation is often no longer suitable for the feeling of luxury. The new benchmark for luxury in the 21st century is missing. It reads: "feel-good factor".

Without a noticeable increase in one's own quality of life, chic is pure “decadence” (i.e. decay and decline). Luxury, as we now understand it, is a top quality of life - for yourself. Going for them is considered sensible and sensible, unlike a ridiculous show-off steak.

For example, in the 1980s Jacobs Krönung advertising counted whether visitors to the coffee table really finished their cups. Motto: What do the neighbors think? Today tennis star Roger Federer comes home alone in the commercial for Jura coffee machines and presses the buttons on his high-tech thing all by himself. Because luxury today depends on your own wellbeing. To what you can enjoy yourself.

The genius: Because external impact no longer counts, it is easy to wrest the sovereignty over the definition of luxury from advertisers and Facebook friends. Ha!

Define yourself what luxury is

We determine for ourselves where the personal well-being level climbs highest. Luxury is luxury, even if others don't like it on Facebook. Because you don't even post it.

We just define it for ourselves. Thanks to the Cayenne or Panamera models, a Porsche is no longer genital compensation, but a solid, safe family car. Because then you and your loved ones will be fine. But isn't the real luxury of doing without your own car? We know the saying: “I'm from Berlin. You don't need your own car anymore. ”Emphasis on more. Because you are right at the front. That feels good. Real luxury! On the one hand on the other hand.

Butcher becomes millionaire - the fairytale rise of Salt Bae, who served Franck Ribéry a gold leaf steak.

There are people who choose a particular airline depending on whether there is still a free coffee on board. A coffee that costs 99 cents on the distribution level of a subway station. What the food on board was good for is an important part of the holiday reports. Food for the equivalent of half a kebab. Because for them it is a feeling of well-being and therefore a luxury to be invited to something hot above the clouds. Others prefer to save 50 euros on the ticket.

I've gotten into the habit of rejecting the free piece of chocolate or gummy bears every now and then when traveling in 1st class on an ICE. Actually, it is precisely this little attention that ennobles you as a first-class passenger. But I've just arranged it differently for myself: Allowing yourself to refuse the gift with thanks is the real luxury. Finished. This definition of luxury saves calories.

Fresh oysters with champagne. Luxury? Or an honest cheese sandwich, bread fresh from the oven? Define it as needed. A visit to the thermal bath with underwater music or a bubble bath by candlelight at home with your favorite music from Spotify? What is the greater luxury?

And isn't it the greatest luxury when the cheaper option brings you at least as much well-being?

As a child, I would have liked to have eaten in restaurants more often. But my parents were firmly of the opinion: “That it usually tastes better at home than out. It's a luxury that you still have to learn to appreciate. ”I have now. The Greek on Eisenbahnstrasse was really not that great.

I once read somewhere about an ascetic who said it was a luxury for him to be a little hungry all day long. Because satiety no longer lets him feel that he is alive.

When I think about all of this, it reinforces me: I want to define myself what is luxury for me. Don't talk to me.

Seen in this way, the greatest luxury is being able to define for yourself what luxury is for yourself.

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