Wearing diamonds has astrological benefits

Zodiac signs - healing stones and astrology

Like astrology, healing stone studies also see a close connection between all things. Therefore there is also a close connection between zodiac signs - Healing stones and astrology. The myths about the power of stones have been entwined for ages, as has the belief in their beneficial and healing effects on people. Gemstones are coveted gemstones that are not always worn just because of their beauty. It is not uncommon for the wearing of gemstones to hide the transmission of power and energy from the stone for the wellbeing of the wearer.

Zodiac overview

January 21st - February 19th Aquarius

February 20th - March 20thfishes

March 21st - April 20th Aries

April 21st - May 20thbull

May 21st - June 21stTwins

June 22nd - July 22ndcancer

July 23rd - August 23rdlion

August 24th - September 23rdVirgin

September 24th - October 23rdLibra

October 24th - November 22ndScorpio

November 23rd - December 21stSagittarius

December 22nd - January 20thCapricorn

The healing stones of the 12 signs of the zodiac

The relationship between star sign and healing stones has been used for thousands of years. Those who wear gemstones as jewelry make their purchase decision based on their own taste or feeling. In order to use the power of the precious stones effectively, there are special precious and healing stones for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The personal healing stone can be selected in astrology on the basis of dates of birth. There are only 12 signs of the zodiac and a large number of gemstones, but an individual assignment is possible. Astrology is based on the connection between gemstones and zodiac signs. Zodiac signs and healing stones are very close. Just as zodiac signs can be found in planets, colors and elements, this also works with the healing stones. In addition to the healing stones for each sign of the zodiac, there are also compensation stones. The power of the healing stones lies in promoting strengths and stimulating the positive sides, while the compensation stones refer to the weaknesses.

Zodiac signs and healing stones - every zodiac sign has its own healing stone


    The ram uses garnet, ruby, spinel, red jasper and red agate as healing stones. Amethyst, tiger iron and rose quartz serve as compensation stones.


    Carnelian, orange amber, honey calci, orange calcite are the healing stones, actinolite, chrysopal, malachite and moss agate are the balancing stones of the bull.


    The twin's healing stones are gold topaz, yellow opal, pyrite and yellow fluorite. The compensation stones are tiger's eye, aquamarine, and yellow jasper.


    Cancer has yellow jasper, rutile quartz and ammonite as healing stones, amazonite, amber, calcite and carnelian are the compensation stones.


    Orthoclase, citrine, yellow fluorite and yellow tourmaline are the healing stones of the lion. The compensation stones are the diamond, dravite and kunzite.


    For Virgo, chryosberyl, brazilite, green apatite and serpentine are the healing stones and charoite, rubellite and rutile quartz are the compensation stones.


    The healing stones of Libra are peridot, grass green jade, nephrite, emerald, aventurine and chrysoprase. Compensation stones are the heliotrope, lapis lazuli, malachite and red jasper.


    Malachite, green agate, turquoise and amazonite are the healing stones of the scorpion. The compensation stones are chrysoprase, fluorite and zoisite.


    The Sagittarius has larimar, zeiringite, light blue chalcedony, tanzanite and the blue sapphire as healing stones. Azurite Malachite, dolomite and indigolite are the compensation stones of Sagittarius.


    The healing stones of the ibex are amethyst, rock crystal, black rough diamond, onyx and obsidian. Compensation stones are dumotierite, morganite, schörl and sunstone.


    Aquarius has the blue labradorite, the blue fluorite, the aquamarine, the blue topaz and celestine as healing stones. Aragonite, magnesite and petrified wood are among the compensation stones.


    Pisces healing stones are pink kunzite, rose quartz, morganite, girasol and snow quartz. Compensation stones are agate, turquoise and amethyst.

Zodiac signs and healing stones are closely related. To the personal healing stone colors and chakras also play an important role if certain effects and healing or balancing effects are to be achieved.

The meaning of birthstones and decade stones

Birthstones are matched to the wearer's date of birth. You should encourage and support him. When choosing the right birthstones, the character strengths of the zodiac sign are in the foreground. The birthstone or the decade stone are chosen because they reinforce the already positive effect of the individual stones in their positive effect. In order to bring zodiac signs and healing stones together, the birthstones are often worn as a decorative element. This can be in the form of a chain as well as an amulet or ring. The importance of birthstones goes back to the characteristic strengths and weaknesses of each person. The gemstones are designed to tie in right there.

Although there are certain gemstones for each sign of the zodiac that promise a special effect, it is also up to the wearer which healing stone actually achieves the best effect. Just by trying, everyone has the opportunity to find their personal lucky stone. The birthstones, in turn, can be divided into three decades of the zodiac sign. A decade lasts about ten days on average. As a rule, it is sufficient to select your personal healing stone after the decade of birth. The differences between the individual decades lie in the typical properties of the zodiac sign. Anyone born at the end of a decade should try to find out which stone suits them better. The importance of birthstones and Decade stones basically lies in their help and support in all situations. But as varied as human life is, as diverse are the gemstones that bring good luck as loyal companions. The birthstone is determined using the Date of birth, the decade stone assigned after the decade. Gem and healing stones can also be assigned based on the signs of the zodiac. Even in ancient times, gemstones were assigned in the sense of astrology. The exact assignment to the signs of the zodiac is a great effort.

The history of gemstones

Gemstones have been captivating people for thousands of years, and not just because of their beauty. Their mysterious powers are also a reason why gemstones are so sought after. Most Gemstones arise in the upper layer of the earth, the earth's crust. Only the diamond and the peridot are formed in the earth's mantle. They are obtained in the earth's crust. Basically, the gemstones are minerals. The building blocks for this are located in the hot core of the earth. Crystals are formed by increasing pressure and cooling. It takes hundreds of years for a gemstone to form. It takes even longer for man to find him. Because it rarely happens to come to the surface of the earth. In the earth's crust one has to dig for him with sweat. If a special gemstone has been found at a location, the search for other stones begins there. These gemstone deposits are spread all over the world, but not evenly. There are particularly large sites in the USA, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, South and East Asia and in the Ural Mountains. Most of the time, new sites are discovered only by chance.

How do healing stones work?

Healing stones are precious stones that have a very special effect on people. The healing stones have an energy. But how can this energy be used by humans? Stones use a certain frequency and vibrations that they emit. Each stone has unique “information” that humans can receive in the form of energy. This is done through the application. In the energy is cosmic energy and life energy. However, not all stones have these effects, so that not every stone is a healing stone. The mineral class, the crystal structure, the origin and the color are decisive for the healing power of the gemstones. These properties, as well as the shape of the gemstone, determine the quality of the information that the stone gives off. The effect can be seen in such a way that the flow of energy in the body is activated and used to harmonization contributes.

The effect of healing stones on the zodiac signs

Each gemstone has a special and unique effect on the respective zodiac sign. Aries is a fire sign and is bursting with energy. He overcomes obstacles and resistances and therefore needs the support of healing stones, which give him life force and help him to be balanced. In particular, the distinctive red gemstones have a good effect on Aries. The red gemstones like the red jasper are assigned to the root chakra.

The red jasper supports the Aries in developing their own personality. In addition, it distracts blockages and gives energy and balance. Rubies and spinel encourage zest for life and courage and give it that Aries Passion. The Aries gets energy and dynamism from the garnet, one of the most important stones of the first decade of birth. Fire agate keeps the ram's thirst for action and its unbridled energy in check.

The bull is considered a realist who cultivates traditions and rituals. Taurus' birthstones such as carnelian, amber or honey calcite help it to promote its typical strengths. The birthstones of the bull are held in orange and red tones. Through the carnelian he experiences spontaneity and learns to better experience his soulful and sensual side.

Twins are considered to be mentally agile people. They have a keen intellect and are flexible. It is precisely in order to promote these strengths that you need the gemstones that match your essence and that will help you with them. These are primarily golden gemstones such as the gold topaz, but also yellowish shimmering stones. These contribute to the fact that twins are decisive and able to differentiate themselves. You can encourage their curiosity and creativity.

The cancer is a rather inward person with a lot of sensitivity and emotionality. To promote these strengths, the Cancer needs gemstones such as yellow jasper, tourmaline quartz or ammonite. The effect is assigned to the elbow chakra. The positive qualities of the Leo are their self-confidence, their belief in their own abilities, their creativity and their generosity.

He can especially do yellow gemstones and those that shine lion be affirmed and promoted in its strengths. This can be achieved, for example, with the yellow orthoclase, the citrine or the yellow tourmaline. The Leo becomes courageous and confident without appearing arrogant and strengthens the feeling of responsibility.

The Virgin is a zodiac sign that loves structure and tends to reflect and internalize. With gemstones of the element earth, support can be expected via the Kalpa Taru Chakra, especially through yellow-green gemstones. The chrysoberyl gives the virgin confidence and strength, the yellow jade has a calming effect, the brazilianite ensures balance and the serpentine gives optimism and verve. Harmony, balance and justice.

This is what the zodiac sign stands for Libra. Grass-green gemstones such as the peridot, the green jade or the emerald work on the heart chakra and promote the sense of justice and the need for harmony in Libra. In the zodiac sign Scorpio Those born have a tendency to devote themselves to topics such as transience, passing away, becoming, death and life. In order not to lose sight of the good, it should go into depth. The gemstones help him stay on the right path. Blue-green healing stones such as malachite, turquoise or amazonite are ideal companions for scorpions. They work through the thymus chakra and ensure improved perception and increased concentration. With the turquoise the scorpion can explore its inner being and with the amazonite internal resistance can be overcome.

The Sagittarius looks for the ideal order. He is enthusiastic about philosophy, psychology and other humanities. With precious stones from the element fire, which work through the throat chakra, the Sagittarius will find an ideal companion on his life path. Especially light blue gemstones such as larimar, zeiringite, chalcedony, tansaite or sodalite strengthen the Sagittarius in his sense of community and his openness. With a strong stone, the Sagittarius can trust his intuition and gladly dares to take on new challenges.

The Capricorn is considered a self-confident and clear-thinking person. The zodiac sign falls at the turn of the year, so that the effect changes from the forehead to the crown chakra. Accordingly, the most important healing stones of the Capricorn are purple, transparent or black. The amethyst helps to strengthen the ability to concentrate, the rock crystal promotes perception and the black rough diamond gives strength and courage.

The Aquarius is seen as a colorful personality with a high degree of creativity and individuality. To promote these strengths, light blue stones are mainly suitable, which work on the back of the head chakra or the bindu chakra. With gemstones like the labradorite, the personality of Aquarius is emphasized and he experiences zest for action. The aquamarine gives the Aquarius vision and foresight. The blue topaz ensures spontaneity and mental clarity.

fishes are very spiritual. Precious stones that promote this sign of the zodiac are especially the pink kunzite, the morganite or the girasol. Light rose colored gemstones predominantly show for an optimal effect on the fish. Empathy and sensitivity are strengthened with the rose quartz and with the morganite fish keep their eye for the essentials. Girasol is effective in promoting inner peace and serenity.

How are healing stones used?

When using healing stones, there are various options to choose from. The most common form is wearing the healing stone as a piece of jewelry on the body. The processing of the healing stone into a gemstone does not reduce its effect. That is also similar Hand flatterer. For this purpose, the gemstone is usually carried in the trouser pocket. The advantage of these forms of application is that the stone can constantly give off energy. The best effect is achieved through direct contact with the skin. The advantage of direct body contact is also used when placing healing stones on bare skin. With this method you can completely rely on the Energy flow to adjust. Depending on where the gemstone should work, it is placed on the relevant part of the body. This is where the chakras come into play. Since each chakra has its own field of action, that becomes Chakra selected according to the respective complaint.

It is best to place the gemstones in a quiet room. It is put on until the well-being is increased. With this type of use, you can often feel a tingling sensation or perceive a pleasant warmth when the healing stone is placed on it. Larger gemstones are great for setting up. Depending on the size of the room, a larger stone is positioned in the room and can thus let its positive energies flow. A very old method of using healing stones is the stone circle. Different gemstones are placed in a circle and you take a seat in the middle. The stone circle is also very good for Meditations suitable because the vibration energy can be absorbed better during the rest and concentration phase. With gemstone water, the body absorbs the effects of the healing stones in the entire organism.

Cleaning and care of precious stones

The gem gives off its positive energy. It is therefore advisable to clean it regularly or after use. Cleaning removes superfluous information that the stone picks up again and again. Gemstones can be discharged with various cleansing rituals. Cleansing takes away the negative energies from them, so they have to be recharged regularly. The decisive factor for which form of charging is best is the healing stone itself. Healing stones can be charged in moonlight, in sunlight, with smoke or with the help of other precious stones. A coveted and useful stone for Charge other gemstones are rock crystal or amethyst. Gemstones in particular that are carried in the pocket or on the body all the time also get dirty. Hence, they need to be cleaned. It should be noted, however, that not every stone can be washed in the same way. In any case, chemicals, alcohol and vinegar should be avoided. These attack the surface. The result is a dull-looking gemstone with no shine. Since gemstones are very sensitive, caution is also required when storing them. Humidity and light are important factors that should be considered.

Find the right gem

Zodiac signs and healing stones are closely related. Finding the perfect gemstone for yourself is not that difficult. When choosing your personal healing and happiness stone, of course, appearance should not be the top priority. There are various criteria that quickly pave the way to the right gemstone. Your own inner voice is a great help when choosing. The feeling itself gives a lot of information about it. The gut decision is mostly instinctual and you can often find the most effective healing stone. Often, sympathy is crucial. In order to find the right one from the large number of gemstones, one can proceed differently. Zodiac signs and healing stones belong together. Therefore, a stone can be found quickly after the date of birth.