Is it too late to get sporty?

Why it's never too late to start exercising

As people get older, everyday things pose ever greater challenges for many people. Climbing stairs or heavy shopping can become a problem. One reason is that the body is getting older breaks down more muscle mass.

If the topic arises that sport can counteract this, many seniors immediately turn it off. The belief that one is at some point too oldto start exercising is widespread. Instead of starting with light strength and cardio training, age-related ailments are better accepted, true to the motto: Now there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

There is no plausible excuse not to start exercising as you get older. On the contrary: a multitude of diseases such as back problems, diabetes or high blood pressure can be counteracted with the right training. Additionally the quality of life improves. How this works and what is important is explained below.

This is how strength training works in old age

According to a study by the University of Birmingham, muscle loss in old age is associated with hormonal changes as well as a reduced reaction of the muscles to movement stimuli and thus impaired protein synthesis. The scientist's thesis is that Strength training can counteract muscle wasting.

It has now been proven that the body loses around a third of its muscle mass between the ages of 30 and 80 if it is not actively counteracted. But strength training is not only important for general fitness. Muscle build-up is also an important factor in diseases such as diabetes decisive factor for a successful treatment. Researchers found that increasing muscle mass can reduce insulin resistance.

Therefore, going to the gym is worthwhile even at an advanced age. Today there are more and more studios on the market that appeal to older people in particular and focus on muscle maintenance and general health. But even in clubs with a diverse audience, the focus can be on age-appropriate training be placed. Guided exercises on equipment are particularly recommended for beginners.

These can specifically help to strengthen and support the muscles the right execution the exercises and reduce the risk of injury. A trainer helps to find the right settings, especially at the beginning. Here, too, you are not left to your own devices.

If you have the necessary change, you can transfer it to a Personal trainer invest. He writes suitable training plans for every fitness level, is the right contact for all questions about training and nutrition and ensures that the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum. In addition, it serves as motivation and can help to stay on the ball and slowly improve.

Over 50 million people worldwide suffer from age-related muscle wasting, which not only makes everyday life difficult, but can also encourage accidents and falls. According to experts, the number of those affected could even quadruple in the next few years. A combination of strength training, sufficient exercise and a protein-rich diet can counteract this.

Strengthened cardiovascular system through endurance training

Also for Endurance training it's never too late. It strengthens the heart and increases performance even in old age. However, if you are concerned that you will still have to run a marathon at the age of 70, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Even regular walks can work wonders. In addition, the following sports are recommended, as they are not only gentle on the joints, but also extremely beneficial to health:

  • Nordic walking
  • swim
  • To go biking
  • Aqua gymnastics or aqua cycling

All of them are suitable for entry. In any case, the following applies: Start slowly and listen to the body. It is important not to take over too much sport. This could harm rather than benefit the muscles and joints. In addition, getting started too quickly often reduces motivation.

Flexibility through yoga, tai-chi and co.

According to experts, a combination of endurance and muscle training is particularly suitable for staying fit into old age. This not only gives power, but also promotes it agility. Great importance should also be attached to the latter, as this also contributes to optimal performance. To become more flexible and flexible, the following programs are suitable, for example:

  • yoga
  • gymnastics
  • Back fit
  • Pilates
  • Tai chi

Sport at any age

Even in the high senior age it can be more than worthwhile to start exercising. However, you should adjust the intensity and the training times accordingly. This means different training depending on the age group.

From 50

Already in the middle of life, the regeneration process in the body gradually subsides and performance begins to decline. This can affect flexibility and strength. It is worth doing one before you start training Check with the family doctor close. If this gives the green light, almost any sport can be practiced.

However, you should approach the whole thing slowly and carefully to yourself not to overload. It is ideal to train strength and flexibility in addition to endurance. Above all, however, it is important that the training is fun and challenging, but not overwhelmed.

From 60

Between the ages of 60 and 70, it is finally there for most - the long-awaited retirement. In addition to many other activities, you can also enjoy your newfound freedom the sport integrate very well. Since from now on there is no everyday work and this often means less exercise, this should be counteracted accordingly. Even if you are over 60, the combination of strength, endurance and flexibility training is ideal and works like a fountain of youth.

That's three days a week optimal workload. If you have never done sport, you should have a doctor check you out beforehand, then you can start. For example, equipment training in the fitness studio combined with back or gymnastics courses and regular walking, swimming or cycling is ideal. The same applies here: Everything is allowed that is fun and good.

From 70

Even at over 70 you can still become a beginner and train your muscles, stability and coordination. This helps you last longer independent to stay and prevent falls. Researchers also assume that physical activity stimulates nerve growth, which can ultimately even protect against dementia.

Of course, the health check is also mandatory here. With an appropriate doctor or personal trainer, a suitable plan can be drawn up that goes with the Fitness level goes hand in hand. Even with over 70, equipment and endurance training in a humane workload is not impossible.

When you start exercising late, it is important not to overwhelm your body. Especially when sport is absolutely new territory, you shouldn't expect too much at the beginning. Speed ​​strength will likely be limited and muscles may be shortened and difficult to stretch. In this case it means: stay on the ball, then you will soon see success.


There are no excuses not to start exercising at an old age. Targeted training can protect against various diseases, provides greater mobility and can immensely improve the quality of life even in old age.

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