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I recently ordered the colorful version of the Phoenix earrings for my mother. They were delivered in a sturdy box, which is also great for storing them. We were both enthusiastic about the earrings themselves, in addition to the great design of the shape, the colors are incredibly beautiful and look different

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From Angelika Greiner

Together with the necklace there was a little present for my wife in between. Did you like it - make something. She is also positive about wearing comfort and tolerance and I know that she can be quite allergic to metals, but due to the large hooks, they slip easily out of the

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From Heinz

Since the earrings are for free, I can only say that my wife and daughter (19) were very happy about them. And because the collection is not yet complete, I don't have to worry too much about the next occasion. Hopefully Kate Lynn will continue to play. There is also something to complain about - shipping through

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By Alexander G

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