Why do boys like high heels

MYTH HIGH HEELS «Honey, keep your shoes on»

They are uncomfortable, not really cheap in good quality and actually totally impractical. Still we wear them. What makes high heels sexy and controversial at the same time? On the trail of an honest love-hate relationship.

“I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot”. If you believe Marilyn Monroe, this actually absolutely impractical thing can only have sprung from the head of a man. They torment us, but we love them because they can change us in just a few seconds, as shoe designer Manolo Blahnik knows.

Whether stilettos, wedges or block heels, high heels increase the quality of life for women, at least visually. The legs act in sexy high heels immediately much longer and slimmer. The height gained in this way also affects the rest of the appearance: the pelvis tilts forward, the back falls slightly into the hollow of the back and stretches out the bottom. The corridor seems more swinging and feminine. The steps become smaller and more careful. And the men's looks are much more offensive.

The fact is: no shoe has as much sex appeal as high heels. Men can't get enough of their heels. Not even - or not at all - in bed. In the meantime, a new vocabulary has even been established for the male fascination with women's high heels: "Shouldershoes » are the names of the hot kicks that women don't take off during sex and should really turn men on for it.

Whether it is the protective instinct that is awakened by the insecure triple walk of the ladies to ten centimeters in the man or the pleasure center in the brain, which, according to neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, sits right next to the center, which is responsible for the feet, and looks at it is animated by bare feet on high heels to accidentally overlap stimuli or whether it is just the attractive posture of women that drives men crazy is not yet entirely clear to science; but in the end it doesn't matter. Either way: high heels make men hot. And women know about it.

Joy with pain

But that's not the only appealing fact about high heels. It is true that high heels look good, but also that they are by no means always good. At least not the health of its wearer. Even the shoe god himself, Mr. Christian Louboutin, admits: "High heels are pleasure and pain at the same time". Perhaps this knowledge that wearing high heels means a conscious decision to suffer from beauty, but not to let your aching feet show, makes up a large part of your fascination. Good girls go around the world quietly, bad girls go anywhere.

Because God punishes every inch that a woman wants to be closer to heaven. With nasty blisters, calluses, corns & Co. Worse still: the higher the heel, the greater the strain on the foot muscles and toe joints. The entire musculature of the sole of the foot is strongly stretched and the small base joints of the toes are compressed, which can even lead to inflammation. Due to the tilting of the pelvis, back pain is practically inevitable. Shoe lover Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker is said to have even been banned from high heels by the doctor. And all that for a few more centimeters of leg illusion? Or even for the sex fantasies of foot-crazy men?

High heels: emancipation trampled underfoot

However, the health risk is by no means all that skyscraper heels pose in terms of dangers. Some hardcore feminists see not only female health as a threat, but above all emancipation. Because high heels symbolized the opposite of attractive stimulation, namely a symbol of the sexual oppression of women. The uncomfortable and unhealthy footwear robs women not only of their surefootedness, but also of their status. High heels would push physical sexual stimuli into the foreground and inner attributes into the background. Very serious allegations - against a shoe! What's up Do high heels really prevent women from taking big steps - through the world and ultimately up the career ladder, as Alice Schwarzer once symbolically put it?

High heels increase self-confidence

Or could it not be possible to turn this tables around? Are we women really the ten-centimeter victims? Or are we not secretly more likely to be perpetrators of Trippel tools? After all, high heels give us exactly the ten centimeters that an average woman grows at eye level with the average man. And mentally maybe even higher. Anyone who has ever walked through life on skyscraper heels knows what is meant: walking on high heels inspires self-confidence. You look better and feel better too. The performance looks shakier, but is mentally firmer. Men may have their pants on, but women may have their shoes on! And every man gives himself up with that. The modern feminists see it that way too, who in high heels (just like in miniskirts and Co.) see the self-determination that we girls urgently need. Fancy high heels? Well then go.

Heeled healthy: Tips for healthy walking on high heels

Mortal Sin Trample: The gentler you act, the more elegant it looks and - more importantly - the more joint-friendly it is. The knees should bounce and the joints should never be fully extended. Make a conscious effort to put your foot down as quietly as possible. For this you have to tense and control the rest of the musculoskeletal system so that the posture automatically becomes more graceful and upright.

Constant change: If you want to go high, you have to take breaks every now and then. This relaxes the foot and gives it time to recharge its batteries for the big performance in higher spheres. Also in everyday life, make sure that you frequently switch between sneakers and high heels. The more flexible the load, the fewer complaints.

No standstill: High heels press the entire body weight onto the narrow, sensitive pads. It is better to prevent excessive strain by avoiding long periods of standing. Dynamic movements are more relieving for the feet than static standing.

Pure training question: Regular calf training (e.g. raising and lowering the heel while brushing your teeth) improves muscular stability and makes walking safer and more sensual.

Fit feet thanks to the foot gym: In addition to the calves, it is important to get the feet in shape: Toe spreading and gripping exercises with a small ball increase the mobility of the toes, strengthen the arches of the foot and make you fit for the skyscraper heels.

You can find more tips for flying high with high heels here.

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