What's cheap in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's strengths

Strategically convenient location for your business in Asia

Hong Kong is ideally located for expanding companies looking to do business with mainland China and Asia, and has excellent transport links.

Hong Kong is strategically located: in the middle of Asia and a stone's throw away from the most promising markets in the region:
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Perth are in the same time zone as Hong Kong.
  • Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo are only one hour apart from Hong Kong.

Its efficient regional transport connections have made Hong Kong a regional hub.
  • More than 100 airlines offer flights to over 180 destinations.
  • All of Asia's key markets are less than a four-hour flight away.
  • Half of the world's population lives and works within a five-hour flight radius.
  • Around 1000 flights are offered between Hong Kong and the rest of the world - daily.

The gateway to China

Hong Kong provides easy access to mainland China business opportunities, both economically and geographically. The Pearl River Delta is in close proximity to Hong Kong, so business people can commute there regularly and conveniently.

The Pearl River Delta is home to China's largest and most productive production region. Tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities are located here but are managed from Hong Kong or overseas. The largest cities in the Pearl River Delta - Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan - are now among the wealthiest cities in China thanks to their unique industrial success and have developed into strong and independent markets for consumer goods and services.

From Hong Kong to Guangzhou all over the world

The smooth transport of people and goods between Hong Kong and mainland China is essential for economic success. Various new connections are currently under construction, including the Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong expressway, or XRL for short.
  • The railway between Hong Kong and Guangzhou will cover 142 kilometers in just 48 minutes.
  • It will tie in with existing rail connections in mainland China, thus providing Hong Kong with optimal connections to the major cities in southern China and beyond.
  • Shanghai can be reached in 8 hours, Wuhan in just 5 hours - from city center to city center.