What are the benefits of Reiki healing

Reiki: what hands can heal

Reiki helps the body to heal itself. How the gentle relaxation method works and which ailments it helps with.

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In this treatment, neither fragrant oil is used, nor can you feel the hands massaging on the skin. You don't even have to take off your clothing - but Reiki is considered extremely relaxing. Basically, Reiki can be used anywhere and without a lot of fuss. Nevertheless, a nice ambience should be ensured during treatments. To do this, darken the room and turn on relaxation music.

Feel warmth by laying on of hands
The process of a Reiki full-body treatment: After a short initial discussion, the client - he is deliberately not called a patient - lies down on a couch, first on his back, then on his stomach. He remains clothed. Now the practitioner places his hands on different parts of his body down from the head, the hand only remains a few centimeters away from the body in the genital area. Most people feel a pleasant warmth from the laying on of hands. Some then suspected that the practitioner's hands were particularly warm. When they notice that their fingers are at normal temperature, they are amazed.

Reiki = universal energy

The Reiki philosophy explains this heat development with the universal energy. The Japanese word "Reiki" means nothing else. All living beings are connected to this universal energy; one exists through it. This energy can be used through Reiki treatments. Because the more energy flows, the healthier a person is.

Degrees of Reiki: Initiation, Consolidation and Master

The Reiki giver is only a channel, he gets his technique through an initiation. It corresponds to the first of three degrees of Reiki, with the second deepening the skills. With the third degree, users become Reiki masters and are allowed to teach others. The Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui is considered to be the discoverer of Reiki at the beginning of the 20th century. In the western world, Reiki was spread through the American Hawayo Takata, she was the first master outside of Japan. Reiki has also been known in Germany since the 1980s.

The self-healing process can make the symptoms worse

The energy flow of Reiki should stimulate the self-healing processes in the body. Therefore, someone who is primarily interested in relaxation and wellness is advised to have a normal massage. Because under certain circumstances, the symptoms may initially worsen slightly before any improvement occurs. Someone who has back problems may get a headache after a Reiki treatment before they get better.

Help with rheumatism, eating disorders and burnout
The people who come to a Reiki master have very different complaints. Often it is chronic ailments like rheumatism or osteoarthritis. Reiki is also used to support the fight against eating disorders. Some clients are just exhausted and burned out. Many feel refueled after the treatment. This condition can last up to three weeks. Limitations are only made for people with heart problems and diabetics. These are dealt with, but certain sections are left out.

In the worst case, nothing happens

Reiki givers are often met with skepticism. Because Reiki cannot be scientifically proven, and it works differently for everyone. Many think it's nonsense at first, but it convinces most when they try it out. A Berlin accident hospital, for example, is now regularly administering Reiki to its pain patients because the patient's response is positive and their pain is relieved as a result.
In addition, many people use the laying on of hands quite intuitively: be it a pregnant woman caressing her stomach, someone with a toothache holding their cheek, or parents who blow or caress the area that hurts their child. Reiki relaxes and calms most people. Some even fall asleep during the treatment, while others see inner images. Reiki is neither dangerous nor harmful. In the worst case, nothing happens to a client.

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