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The auto hypnosis

A slightly higher level of hypnosis is the so-called autohypnosis (self-hypnosis). It may only be practiced after detailed medical advice. It is also very important to formulate the suggestions properly.

Autohypnosis can, for example, help people to advance in their spiritual development, for example to learn lucid dreaming etc. We give an example of a professionally formulated autohypnosis text in our book "Spectrum of the Night."

Learning what are known as "out-of-body" experiences (non-physical experiences) is also possible with the help of autohypnosis. However, it requires a lot of patience, personal responsibility, discipline and a whole range of precautionary measures that must be observed.

Hypnosis in the operating room

In some countries, hypnosis is used instead of the usual anesthesia for minor operations in hospitals. The moment the hypnotherapist suggests anesthesia, the skin at the surgical site becomes measurably pale and cold.

In such a case, the therapist is with the patient during the entire operation. He accompanies him and makes sure that the trance state is maintained all the time.

At the end of the procedure, he usually gives a suggestion that is supposed to promote wound healing. In biliary operations z. For example, after using hypnosis, the strings were pulled on the third day, and the patient can leave the hospital on the fourth day.

With traditional anesthesia, the sutures are not pulled until ten days and rehabilitation takes almost two weeks.

Certainly hypnosis can make a valuable contribution to many therapies, but one should never forget that it has to be based on something very essential: the trust between patient and therapist.


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