How do you train your pet rats

Rat toilet: how to house-train your rats!

A sleeping place, a feeding place, a rat toilet - this principle is generally appreciated by every mammal. On the one hand it is instinct, on the other hand it is also what parents have learned. If you want to train your rats to be house trained, you as a parent have to be right from the start be consistently behind.

Every beginning is hard

If you put a container in front of your pet rats and announce: "Here please, my sweeties, your new toilet", it will not work. First of all, you have to get your rats make it clear what you want. For the Toilet container* you choose a place where there is neither a sleeping house nor a feeding bowl. Or would you like to sleep and eat next to your toilet?

Once you've found a good spot, it's time to collect poo. Grab any droppings you find and toss them into the toilet bin. Here are Consistency and reward asked. If you see a rat going to the toilet on its own, reward it with pats or their favorite treats. You should tirelessly toss all the wrongly dropped droppings into the toilet until the last of your pet rats has understood.

Tip from Ti Na on Facebook: „You put a large stone in the cage. Some rats use it to pee.“

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Suitable bedding for the rat toilet

If one or the other rat from your pack refuses to go to the toilet, this could be due to the litter, because it should not be uncomfortable on the paws. It is always favorable to use the same litter as in the rest of the cage. If your rats are groping for chips, you can use them in the toilet bowl. But other materials are also very suitable:

Try different things if a bedding doesn't work. You can of course also mix the different materials to get a super litter.

You can crack hard nuts too

Of course there are also tough nuts in the pet rat world that don't want to be cracked. Either they have no fancy going to the toilet to go or they want just annoy you - at least that's how it feels to you. Here you can try to always put the toilet where you see a preferred toilet spot. However, this is not so cheap if only one rat steps out of line and everyone else has to look for the toilet again.

Your rat may not find it worth using the rat toilet. This is where it comes in Clicker training on, because it beckon Rewards for the ratwhen it goes where you want. How to click properly with your rats can be found in some good ones Non-fiction books on the subject*.


The intelligent and clean rodents quickly understand what you want from them. But the same applies here: it is all a question of character. One likes to be taught something, while the other has no desire to do so. With consistency and fun, you will certainly get your rats house-trained. If you are really hardworking, you not only collect excrement but also peed litter and throw it in the toilet. So you bet Odor signalsthat are very unique to your rats.

Are your rats house trained & go to a rat toilet? Write in the comments below!