Google recruits hackers

The BND recruits hackers with unusual actions

Berlin. The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) wants to find more hackers to fight international threats with an unusual campaign. With the hashtag “#followtheglitchkarnickel”, the German foreign secret service has been trying since Monday to reach the hacker scene on the Internet directly with a choice of words, cyber aesthetics and a special image program.

"We have to speak the language of those who should be interested in us," said BND President Bruno Kahl from the dpa Berlin news agency. Support comes from the Union. Criticism from the ranks of the Greens is that countermeasures are taken far too late when there is a shortage of skilled workers.

“Everyone is looking for specialists who have expertise in this area,” said Kahl. Cyber ​​space not only offers opportunities, but also dangers. “The BND must recognize these dangers and help to ward them off.” This requires the right personnel. The BND hackers are trying to obtain information for the federal government in areas such as international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, organized crime and industrial espionage.


BND looking for hackers with unusual action

The Federal Intelligence Service wants to find more hackers to fight international threats with an unusual campaign. © dpa

"Many want to work on the right side"

With regard to financially more attractive offers from the private sector for IT specialists, Kahl said: “Many want to work on the right side.” There are more and more young people for whom money is not everything. "With us you can do things legally that might be prohibited elsewhere." In an international comparison, Kahl sees the BND as well positioned. "Judging by the fact that many of the very high-performing partners would like to work with us, I can say that we have sufficient skills and competencies." What is necessary, however, is a "better and broader set-up so that we can be sustainable".

The chairman of the parliamentary committee for the control of the secret services (PKGr), Roderich Kiesewetter (CDU), told the dpa that the BND “is ​​a central part of our security infrastructure and therefore not only needs good financial resources, but also especially in IT Best Experts Area ". Even if its work is superbly controlled by parliament, “we must do everything possible to ensure that the BND can work on an equal footing with partner services and opposing services”.

The green PKGr member Konstantin von Notz said that the work of the secret services is shifting more and more into the digital. The market for IT specialists is empty. “The problem has been known for years. Countermeasures were unfortunately taken far too late. In addition, some security agencies competed for very few heads. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) alone should soon create several hundred jobs. "Only the federal government knows where these should come from."

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