Why are these banned in F1 races

Formula 1: Refueling prohibited from the coming season

The regulations for the next Formula 1 season are fixed: there is a new qualification process for 26 starters, the title will continue to be awarded on the basis of points and not on victories, and refueling during the races will be abolished.

Refueling during the race is definitely no longer allowed in the coming Formula 1 season. The International Automobile Federation FIA published the technical and sporting regulations for 2010 on the Thursday before the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

Point 29.1b says: "Refueling during the race is prohibited." As a result, the tanks in the racing cars will have to be significantly larger in the coming year than they were in this season.

New qualification process

In view of the planned starting field of 26 cars, the qualification process has also been redefined. After the first lap, the eight slowest drivers are eliminated. So that the top ten can be driven out with ten cars in the third and decisive run, the eight slowest drivers also say goodbye after the second run.

Points system remains

In terms of the World Cup decision, the previous point system will definitely remain. The pilot with the most counters is the world champion in the end. The new regulation that Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone insisted on awarding the title based on the number of race victories was rejected.