Why do talented people get single

Being single as a profit - author Katrin Nusshold in "Women in Demand"

Author Katrin Nusshold reveals how to enjoy life as a single, but remain open to love.

"How to survive as a single" is the title of the first book by Katrin Nusshold from Graz. In it, she describes how women can lead a happy life without a partner, but still not shut themselves off from new partnerships. For the WOCHE she chats from the sewing box and mentions the positive aspects of being single.

WEEK: Books about singles and relationships are a dime a dozen. What makes your book different from others?
Katrin Nusshold: "How to survive as a single" has many personal aspects that are not only based on my own views but also on the experiences of my friends and acquaintances as well as myself. Therefore the book is very authentic and I am sure that many readers will recognize themselves there. In addition, it is not a guidebook, because I don't want to teach anyone, but it is advisory quality. And if someone can take something from this book with them, I am very happy.

Female, 30 years old, single. You take these facts as a starting point for your book. Why is this combination a particularly sensitive issue?
It is precisely this age range in which a lot is happening in circles of friends. Engagements, weddings and the children of friends put single women under pressure, of course unwanted. In addition, there are annoying questions about when you will finally find a partner, or comments that the biological clock is slowly starting to tick. I'm 31 years old myself and I was able to listen to a lot when I wasn't in a relationship.

What can be done against such remarks?
Ignore (laughs). The book, and especially life, is about seeing the positive things. I don't need a partner to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are so many freedoms that you have as a single and that is what you should focus on. Under no circumstances should you compare yourself with others and should enjoy the phase of life you are in right now. Because this is the only way to be open to others and to a new relationship. Because love cannot be ordered, and therefore nothing works with force.

How did you do that?
I switched the focus and concentrated on my work, my family and friends and my hobbies. As a single you also begin to enjoy your own company. Of course, there are also lonely moments for singles, such as on Valentine's Day, but if you are aware of the advantages of being single, you can be happy as a single for many years.

You were single when you wrote the book, now you are taken. Where did it go with you?
Funnily enough, thanks to this book (laughs). I signed up for the dating platform Tinder and suddenly he was there (laughs). He was kind enough to answer a few research questions for me. When the book was finished, we managed to meet in person - bingo!

So online dating has now become a matter of course?
It's a great way to meet people you would never run into in real life. But you shouldn't expect too much too soon. I advise this for every new acquaintance: first of all, get to know the person casually and have fun dating. If more comes of it, great. If not, you won't be disappointed. The workplace or close circle of friends, on the other hand, are dangerous places, because you can't avoid the person if the whole thing doesn't work out.

To publish their own book is the dream of many young aspiring authors. How did you do that?
I was actually in contact with the agency about another book, then it developed. You have to work hard, but you also need the right timing and luck because there are a lot of talented writers. I have been writing since primary school and am happy that I can now publish my own book. And if I succeed in having at least one lady understand her single existence better, I'll be even happier.


Love is ... beautiful, but being single can be just as beautiful, great, and fulfilling.
Make me laugh ... Humor and sarcasm.


Born on July 25, 1987 in Graz
Matura at BG Rein
Education of literary studies in England and in the USA
job as a copywriter and editor
Currently Communication manager in a New York IT company
Book release on April 20 at Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag