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BK’in Merkel: Ladies and gentlemen, today, on November 9th, 2020, we Germans think of the worst and the best in our history, as we do every November 9th.

We think of the shame of November 9, 1938, the pogroms against fellow Jewish citizens across the country, the people who were driven to their deaths, the synagogues on fire, the shops that were destroyed. We remember in shame the victims of the human crime committed by Germany, the Shoah.

And we think of November 9th, 1989, the jubilation, the exuberant joy of the people when here, very close to the Brandenburg Gate and along the Berlin Wall, this horrific building first opened and then fell. Only a few weeks ago, on October 3rd, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our German unification. It would not have been possible without the trust of the Americans in particular. I will always be grateful for that.

We Germans have experienced first hand the important role the United States of America plays for freedom and democracy in the world. We experienced first hand the great importance of German-American friendship and the transatlantic partnership - for Germany, for Europe and for the world.

Every four years, the whole world pays special attention to the American presidential election. Now the American citizens have made their choice again. I warmly congratulate Joe Biden on his election as 46th President of the United States of America. Joe Biden has decades of experience in domestic and foreign policy. He knows Germany and Europe well. I like to remember good encounters and conversations with him.

I also warmly congratulate Kamala Harris, the future Vice President. As the first woman in this office and the child of two immigrants, she is an inspiration to many people, an example of America's possibilities. I look forward to meeting you.

The friendship between our two countries has proven itself over decades. Many people here and there live this German-American friendship. This is a common treasure. We should keep working on it and always new generations of Germans and Americans, Europeans and Americans
bring together. We are allies in NATO. We share fundamental values ​​of individual dignity and the rule of law, and we share interests.

The United States of America and Germany as part of the European Union must stand together to face the great challenges of our time, side by side in the severe test of the corona pandemic, side by side in the fight against global warming and its global consequences, and in the fight against it
terrorism, side by side for an open world economy and free trade. Because these are the foundations of our prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

We Germans and we Europeans know that in this partnership in the 21st century we have to take on more of our own responsibility. America is and will remain our most important ally. But it expects from us - and rightly so - stronger efforts of our own to ensure our security and to stand up for our convictions in the world, and we Europeans have long since set out on this path.

It is a time of conflict and voters give Joe Biden and Kamala Harris great responsibility. I look forward to working with you and wish you strength, success and God's blessings.

Thank you!